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If you had to guess (and without cheating and looking at your analytics), which page would you say gets the most foot traffic on your whole blog/website?

We’re not talking blog posts, right now. We’re talking static pages you’ve created with information about your blog and business.

Did you guess your About page?

(And you probably did, because, well, it’s in the title of this whole blog post and your About page is exactly why you’re here. Whatever, just ruin my fun why don’t you. 😉)

But yes! Your About page is actually one of the most important pages on your entire site. It offers valuable information that new customers are dying to know about you before they decide to work with you.

And your About page is a lot more than just posting a nice photo of yourself and explaining a little bit about your background. Oh, no, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, my friend! There are five key steps to take when crafting the perfect About page.

So let’s get started!

Step 1: Tell your readers what value you can offer them.

Guess what? Your About “Me” page isn’t actually about “you” at all.

It’s about your customer, and what value you can offer them. What can you do for them that someone else can’t?

Remember, first impressions are important. And it has been proven time again that your About page is the first page your new readers will visit to learn more about you and your blog or business.

Do you want to give the reader the impression that they must first give in order to receive? Or would you rather it feel like a warm invitation into your home for drinks and snacks?

Obviously you want to treat your first-time visitors like guests!

So answer a few questions they might have right off the bat: What’s in it for me? Can you help me? Am I in the right place?

Out the gate, tell your website visitors what you have to offer so they know if you can help them or not. Because if so, you want them to know it immediately.

Pssst! I’ve got a FREE workbook at the bottom of this post to help you with your About page.

Step 2: Let them know who your website is for.

Your site is not going to be for everybody. And it’s great to let people who might not need your content or your services know right away so they can spend their time on a website that does have what they need. Then the people who do need your website know they’re in the right place straight away.

As an example, here’s how I start my own About page:

“Can we just start with the elephant in the room?

Kev. You’re a man. Why “Create Rockstar Blogs ©”? What could you possibly know about moms?”

I’ve intentionally started my About page speaking directly to my target audience. Not only do I want the intended reader to know they’ve landed in the right spot, but I want them to feel at home immediately. Like Christmas morning when your family surprises you with the perfect gift…how’d they know!?

Get specific early on with who exactly your site is for so you can immediately connect with your reader. It should feel like Christmas every time the “right people” visit your About page.

As I mentioned before, people who land on your site will tend to leave pretty quickly when they learn the site isn't for them. But this is fine! We want to serve the RIGHT people, not ALL the people.

Ready to start building a good About page, or simply want to improve your current one? Grab the workbook now!

Step 3: Tell Your Story

Okay, okay, so your About page is a little about you. But just enough to let your readers and potential customers get to know you and determine if they want to do business with you.

Now let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. It’s not time to start talking about your seventh grade crush or what you wanted to be when you were six yet. First, let’s talk about your website. How did it come into fruition? Why should someone take the time out of their day to visit your website? What will they get out of it? What kind of content do you create?

Let’s take a look back at my About page:

I offer Moms the opportunity to:

Learn and Earn—While setting your own schedule, working when and where you like
Discover Passions and Joy—Making hand-over-fist money from your hobbies and passions
Feel Proud and Successful—And I mean $1,000 – $10,000+ a month $uccessful”

I’ve already talked about my target audience, and now I’m telling them what I can offer them.

Let’s look a little further down:

How do I help Moms [provide more for their families, prove to themselves that they are savvy, and achieve their dreams through building an online blogging business that supports them financially] make more money blogging than they dreamed possible?

Lean in here.

The answer: I provide the KNOW-HOW.

I give you the inside track at every step along the way. Where do I start? How does a blog make money? I’ve put in the work, cracked the code, built massive followings, and now I deliver my proven method in a fail-proof manner to Moms.”

Here’s how I help. Here’s what I provide. Here’s what you can learn from me.

Answer these questions in your own About story: Why should someone read your blog? Plain and simple, what will they get out of it? What are you going to talk about on your blog? And better yet, where can they get started?

Time to move on to the more personal side of things.

Although, it’s probably still not the time or place to start talking about your seventh grade crush or what you wanted to be when you were six (unless, of course, it’s relevant to what you’re doing now).

Talk about your background. Tell your readers what happened in your life that led you in this direction. Discuss your passion, and why you want to share this information with the world.

Now, of course, it's okay to share some fun facts and be yourself. In fact, I’d encourage it! This helps develop your personality in your blog and gives readers a taste of you and your voice. We talk more about discovering your own voice in our Create Rockstar Blogs course.

But adding things like interests and hobbies, as well as where you live, can help you start building community faster than you’d realized!

Step 4: Show off your credibility and social proof.

What’s an About page if you’re not able to brag on yourself a little bit? If you’ve been around the block a few times, you probably have several customers or community members who would be happy to vouch for you and your expertise.

Include testimonials and quotes from people you’ve worked with that show your readers that you’re the real deal. This can be block quotes, embedded tweets, or screenshots of DMs or emails. Whatever suits your fancy.

If someone is on the edge about working with you, seeing success stories and happy customers is the perfect way to push them into the top of your sales funnel.

Step 5: End with a call-to-action.

This is the perfect way to end everything you ever publish on your website or blog. Don’t leave your readers with nowhere to go and nothing to do at the end of your About page. Give them a job.

You don’t want them to have fallen in love with you after reading your bio, not have any next steps, and leave your site, never to be heard from again.


You want them to stick around for the long haul. So make sure you include a call-to-action (CTA) at the end (and even several times along the journey) to tell your readers exactly what to do next. On your About page, the best possible CTA you can leave is a way to get signed up for your email list. Bonus points if you’ve got a compelling opt-in freebie to give out in exchange for their email address.

What’s an opt-in freebie?

Well it looks a little something like this awesome workbook that’s going to help you write your super fantastic and compelling About page that will get you all of the blog visitors:

There’s never been a better time to get started on your About page than now! And don’t forget to share this bad boy on Pinterest too! 😉



These are the EXACT same steps I used to 10x businesses just like yours and generate new customers on autopilot!

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed, no messin' around!