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If you’ve got a business, you’ve likely got a website.

And if you don’t, well, that’s a whole ‘nother can of oysters. But we’re just going to assume that you do because you most definitely should.

So since you’ve already got this awesome website with all sorts of great info about your business and some seriously great blog content, why not use this tool to grow your biz?

If you’re struggling with how to generate leads for your business, you’re gonna want to pay attention to this. Because we’re about to drop some serious knowledge.

Of course, there are tons of different strategies out there for lead generation: social ads, organic social media marketing, Pinterest pins, blogging, and so much more. But we believe in less is more.

And if you can do some email capture and grow your email list with a tool you already have at your disposal (your website), you should be all over that.

A blue graphic with an overlay text about generating leads with opt ins

Take a look at my homepage. Scroll all the way through.

Check out the episode below:

What do you see?

Well, aside from awesome blog content and links to some seriously helpful tools and resources, you’ll find six different calls to action to get a free download jam-packed full of valuable content. That’s six different lead generation opportunities on my home page alone.

Let’s just say, since I implemented these strategies, my email list has grown exponentially.

And you want to see that too, right?

I’ll answer for you: yes, you do.

graphic image to click for a free guide on how to create successful website opt-ins

So we’re going to go over a few actionable ways to use your website to generate blog leads so you can start to convert blog visitors into paying customers.

1. Pop-up

Everyone has a love-hate relationship with pop-ups. We kind of hate how in yo’ face they can be, but we also love how much they work.

However, it’s true that implementing a pop-up comes with a price.

Matthew Woodward put together an awesome experiment to see if putting a pop-up on your website is worth it. Does it affect website visitor engagement, and does it actually increase conversions?

He set up a pop-up to execute in the 7th second of a website visit and analyzed his website data from the month and a half before he put the pop-up on his website and the data from the month and a half after.

What he found was that Pages/Visit and Average Visit Duration both suffered from about a 10% drop.

However, his onsite conversions also increased by 44%.

That’s a pretty big jump. You just have to decide if the slight decrease in website engagement is worth the increase in conversions.

Now there are a few different ways to implement your pop-up—at the beginning of your content or towards the end. Typically, putting a pop-up down towards the end of your content is considered more “polite.”

This means you can have a pop-up appear a few seconds after someone lands on a page on your website, or you can have it appear after they scroll down a bit or even to the end of the content.

You can even have your pop-up appear when a user moves their mouse towards the exit button and keep them on the site longer.

Back before I started my business, I always wondered how they knew. As I was just about to click off of a website, it was like magic.

A cartoon character that says, "witchcraft" and is fearful when learning amazing digital marketing strategies

A carefully crafted pop-up would blow up in my face with an offer I simply couldn’t resist.

It wasn’t until I discovered OptinMonster that I finally decided to add a pop-up to my own website. I was, of course, worried it would be annoying to my readers, but then I learned that once that could-have-been customer clicks off your website…they’re probably not coming back.

So why not give it a shot? I was still unsure about what my offer would be, how to perfectly position my copy, and if anyone would even click on it.

That’s when I discovered OptinMonster had this great feature that could A/B test 2, 3, or even 4 different pop-ups and alert me to which one converted or worked best. It was the perfect opportunity to grab some of those customers who otherwise wouldn’t have given me a second glance.

So give it a try yourself! Start by A/B testing your pop-up to see what works better—a front and center pop-up, an on-scroll pop-up, or an exit pop-up.

2. Slide-in

Is that slight decrease in website engagement not worth it to you? A slide-in is a much less intrusive way to get people to sign up for your email list.

A slide-in is a small corner box that slides onto the screen as a user scrolls down the page and includes an incentive to entice new email subscribers or freebie downloads. These are so gentle and seamless that your visitor is hardly even bothered by the small box, but it’s noticeable enough to get their attention and invite them to sign up for your email list.

In fact, some business owners have found that a slide-in increases conversion rates by even more than a pop-up, but without the interference in time on page and other website engagement stats.

3. Sticky Bar

This is one of the simplest and most effective types of website opt-ins out there. All you do is determine your offer, create one line of copy, integrate the bar with your email platform, and watch the emails roll in.

You can generate several leads a day with one of these opt-ins without any other work on your part. The fact that it’s a small bar that stays at the top of your website with an appealing offer means it’s not at all intrusive, but it’s also very compelling.

If you’re just getting started, Hello Bar is a great (and free) tool for setting up a sticky bar on the top of your website!

I definitely don’t recommend relying on this as your only website opt-in. Why settle for a few measly subscribers each day when you could increase it by even more? The ideal strategy includes multiple different opt-ins. After all, we counted six on my own home page, right?

4. Content Upgrades

A content upgrade is an extra piece of content that you offer in addition to your blog posts to increase the value of your content. It can be a downloadable PDF, spreadsheets, ebook, or any of these 29 content upgrade ideas, that you offer in exchange for an email address in each of your blog posts.

I recommend creating a new blog post weekly so that you constantly have new content for your readers and followers to come back to. That’s what I do on my blog, and this strategy has been nothing but successful.

In every single one of my blog posts, I include an extra value offer to give to people who are serious about wanting to grow their online business.

For example, the content upgrade for this blog post is a complete how-to for setting up the exact website opt-ins we’re talking about right now. It’s jam packed with information for business owners who are ready to use their website to generate leads for them.

You can download yours now or at the end of this blog post:

graphic image to click for a free guide on how to create successful website opt-ins

Your content upgrade should offer increased value to your blog post and shouldn’t compete with it. And you may not have a content upgrade for every single post. But you and your team should still brainstorm to see if you can create one for every blog post to increase opt-ins.

5. Sidebar

If you have a sidebar on your blog or website, take advantage of it! Include your main freebie opt-in on your sidebar to grab attention as they scroll down your website.

There is so much information you can store on your sidebar: information about you and your business, popular posts or products, your freebie opt-in, disclaimer information for affiliate marketing, and even some ads for additional revenue.

Create a mockup of the cover or a couple of pages of your freebie and place that within your sidebar to grab the attention of your website visitors and place an opt-in form right below it.

Sidebars have one of the lowest conversion rates, though, so while you should definitely still utilize this strategy if you have a sidebar on your website, you definitely want this to be only one of your tactics.

6. Welcome Gate

You’ve probably seen this tactic at work several times before (and maybe even opted into a few of them yourself), but you might not know what it is actually called.

Well, it’s a welcome gate!

A welcome gate is an opt-in that takes up the full webpage before you get to any content. Essentially, in order to view the page you navigated to on the website, you have to decide to opt in or out.

Or, of course, exit, which is always a risk.

Screenshot for a blog on how to generate leads that is an example of a killer email opt-in

Like pop-ups, they can have their consequences. I mean, you’ve pretty much sectioned off everything they came to your website for with a huge gateway.

But these types of opt-ins can have a 10-25% conversion rate. Could you imagine if an entire 25% of your website visitors got added to your email list? That is a huge conversion rate.

You only want to use this type of opt-in for your most valuable content. Look at the one from QuickSprout above. Journey to 100,000 monthly visitors? Yep. We’re all sold.

7. Opt-in at the End of Your Content

Don’t have a content upgrade? Include a signup form at the bottom of your blog post or include a link, button, or graphic for an easy one-click signup process. Include a signup form at the bottom of every informational page as well as some sort of call to action to work with you. This includes your about page, contact page, resources page, and any other pages you may have.

Essentially, you should always have at the very least one opt-in opportunity on every single page of your website in order to generate maximum conversions with your website.

Ideally, you should have at least 5 opt-in opportunities on your home page and at least 3 on your subpages. Try including a content upgrade in every single blog post, and if you don’t have one, end your post with a call to action to sign up for your newsletter anyways.

Your website is one of your most powerful marketing tools, and you want to make sure you’re using it as such.

Ready to get started using your own website to generate leads and grow your business? Download our freebie detailing how to create each one of these different kinds of opt-ins below.

graphic image to click for a free guide on how to create successful website opt-ins



These are the EXACT same steps I used to 10x businesses just like yours and generate new customers on autopilot!

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed, no messin' around!