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Like most people, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life after I graduated high school. And you know what?

That’s totally fine! I feel like more people need to hear that. Take your time, work a job you don’t plan to keep, figure out if you like sales, customer service, technical work better, etc.

Give yourself the time you deserve to figure those things out.

For me, it wasn’t even a week after high school when I got the old kick at the foot of the bed: “Get up son! You’re coming to work!”

And it was one of the best kicks I ever got. It saved me from $100,000 student loan debt. It saved me from more classroom education, which I was terrible at. And it saved me from wondering what I wanted to do.

I was thrown into the thick of it. It helped me understand what I liked, what I hated. It helped me build character and refine my discipline.

And it taught me how to appreciate goals and figure out what I really wanted in life.

During this time, I realized what is really important to me is family. The 3 hour round trip commutes weren’t going to cut it when I was raising my son or daughter.

This powerful goal was what helped me to finally make that leap into one of the best decisions I made in my entire life.

To start my own online business and digital marketing company.

And it’s something that you can absolutely do, too.

What I want to do today is walk you through how you can create your very own profitable Facebook Ads agency so that you, too, can quit your job and focus on what you really want in life, whether it’s spending more time with family, more freedom to travel, etc.

1. Getting Started

No matter how much we hate it, every new venture has to start with some nitty gritty. If you’ve already got some clients you’re working with while you go through the Getting Started, that’s fabulous! But we’re still going to start this article at the very beginning, which is a very good place to start.

What do you need to start a business?

Your Business Name

This does not have to be as hard as everyone makes it out to be. Have you ever adopted a pet or had a baby? You had to give him or her a name. And it likely didn’t take you as much time as it has taken you to come up with a name for your business.

Stop stressing, stop overthinking, and pick a dang name already!

Your Employer Identification Number (EIN)

You really only need this if you’re going to have employees or if you’re creating a partnership, LLC, or incorporation. But even most small businesses start out as an LLC, so you might as well go ahead and take care of this little number.

Your Business License

We all hate the legalities, but regardless, your country or city is going to require a business license in order for you to operate in that location. You’ll use your snazzy new EIN in place of your social security number for identification purposes, and you can register this in the location of where you live or where you’ll operate, if you have a separate office for your biz.

Your Business Bank Account

Where’s the money that you make going to go? I really don’t recommend that you just plop it into your own personal checking account. Instead, get a business bank account. Especially if you’re going to be handling client money within your ad agency.

Other things you may need to take care of include registering your trade name, completing a business personal-property tax form, getting a certificate of resale, and any other permits your locality requires.

2. Prospecting

Alright, so we’ve taken care of all the boring stuff that comes with starting your business. Now it’s time to get to the good part: finding potential clients so you can start making money.

Prospecting is never the most fun part of getting your business going. Putting together a list of people to cold call or cold email? Yeah, no. But it’s all a part of the process of getting your brand new biz up and running.

Now there are a few different ways to get started prospecting.

One of my personal favorites is scoping out Groupon. You’re able to find really great clients here because they already understand the idea of reeling a customer in with that low dollar item or discounted service.

Start by conducting a search surrounding a single industry, and really hone in your offer for that one industry.

For example, I got started with chiropractic care clients. I worked on my offer for these types of businesses, determined an ad strategy that works, and have helped several chiropractic care offices in areas near mine generate even more new customer opportunities.

Click around on a few of the top search results and start scoping out their websites. Learn who the owner of the business is so you can reach out directly to them and already have some knowledge of the company.

D7 Lead Finder is another great way to get an entire directory of businesses in an industry in any given location. Conducting searches on Facebook and Google as well to find websites and Pages of local businesses is another great way to find prospects.

3. Client Acquisition

Now that you’ve got your list of businesses to reach out to and have learned a little bit about them, the business owner, you’ve scoped out their website and social media pages, etc., the next step is to actually reach out to them.

You can cold call people on your list, you can send emails, you can message on Facebook, submit inquiries through their contact form on their website, etc. There are so many ways to reach out to these potential clients.

I recommend A/B testing your strategies.

Take the list of prospects you put together in step two and split them up into four different groups.

Cold call one group, send emails to the second group, find the third group on Facebook, and contact the fourth group through their website. Find out which ones get you in contact with the business owner the quickest, and which one has a higher conversion rate of getting a meeting or consultation with them.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you find that cold calling is the top dog. Cold calling sucks but the fact of the matter is that it’s an effective way of reaching out to businesses, and you can make a lot of calls in a day.

In your initial inquiry, let the business owner know that you’re working on the perfect algorithm or the perfect strategy for [their industry] to generate new leads or customer opportunities through Facebook ads.

Since you’re just starting out, let them know that you want to offer them your services pro bono—they just have to pay ad costs (about $100 for the test run) and give you a testimonial or be a part of your case study if they’re happy with the results. Let the person know what you’ll be charging in the future, but that this month you’d be happy to do it for free.

And, really, who can pass up a free ads management test?

This is the best way to generate brand new clients. And then, if they’re happy with your work, they’ll want to stay on as a paid client because they know and have seen the ROI you can provide.

4. Closing the Sale

Start off every new client relationship with a free consultation. It’s a great way to hook them in by offering something for free to explain what you do, how you do it, and how you can help their business by doing it for them.

During your client acquisition process, once you’ve gotten the business owner on the phone, or you’ve gotten an email response, ask them when you can sit down with them. Offer to come by their office, ask if they’d like to go to lunch (remember that you’d have to foot the bill), or schedule a meeting at your own office if you have one.

Get started by telling them the agenda for the meeting, which should consist of you learning a bit more about their business (other than what you learned doing your initial research and call/email), recommending an offer for their business to get started with Facebook ads, along with a thank you offer, and once you go through your spiel, asking them if they’re ready to get started.

Make sure to book a good bit of time for these initial consultations because if the client is ready to sign on and start immediately, why not get out your computer and literally get started?

Talk about payment, put together a contract while you’re there, and have the both of you sign it. Then get them added into your Business Manager, get admin access to their advertising account, or create one for them if they’re just getting started, and get their first Facebook ad with their new offer going.

5. Scaling

We all love this word, right? We all want to scale and grow our businesses! And make more money! And have more freedom in life to do the things we genuinely love and enjoy!

So what are the top ways to grow your clientele?


Participate in Facebook Groups, sharing content within your group as well as others in your industry. Like we did while prospecting, do another search on Facebook for an industry you’re interested in working with, and send friend requests to the business owners in that industry.

Change your Facebook profile’s cover photo to a graphic that explains who you are and what you do so that when these new friends go to look at your profile, they’re intrigued. When they accept your friend request, be sure to send them a message introducing yourself, talking a little bit about your experience working in their industry, and asking if they’d be interested in growing their business. (Who would say no, right?)


Try writing something in your email signature that says, “Refer a friend who becomes my client and get $X!” This is especially enticing to business owners who are happy with your services. If they send a friend over to you, they get paid for it? Yes, they’re going to let all of their friends know!

Email Automation

Use your email marketing platform to create an automation that sends out follow up emails to people who haven’t responded to your initial reach outs. Put together your offer in your first email and set up an automation flow that sends consecutive emails 48-72 hours apart.

Once you follow these steps, you’re ready to start and grow your own Facebook Ads Agency! After all, these are the exact same steps that I took to create my own Facebook Ads Agency. You can learn more about what I’m doing with my clients by downloading my 5 Proven Steps to Generate New Customers on Autopilot.



These are the EXACT same steps I used to 10x businesses just like yours and generate new customers on autopilot!

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed, no messin' around!