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One of the biggest complaints I hear *warning* when it comes to starting a blog or an online biz is just how long it can take.

Sure, signing up for hosting and creating your very first blog can be done in a jiffy! But I want to talk about all the not-so-sexy tasks most bloggers try to sweep under the rug. It can be straight up overwhelming!

Save time creating a system that works for your blog and business. Kevin Charlie, entrepreneur.

Luckily if you were beginning to think, “Kevin, you’re scaring me to death… I don’t know have time for all this!”, then I have the perfect solution for you: create systems.

Now the word ‘systems’ can be intimidating at first. I will admit it got me pretty good. And if fear and confusion tend to cloud your mind when it comes to tech, then I can tell you today with a reassuring smile that you are in the right place!

I am here to tell you that systems don’t require you to have experience with some fortune 500 company or be a tech guru in any sense.

The only requirement for today, my friend, is you! 😉
So if you're a blogger, an online entrepreneur or business owner, here are a few ways systems can help you:

  • Outsource (less scary and expensive than you think)
  • Automate (yessss baby!)
  • Save time and grow

I mean, if you were to do just one of these things and all it did was give you a few extra hours a day with the fam, it’d be worth it, right? Well in today’s blog post we’ll be going over exactly how implementing these systems can not only help you save time but also make you bundles of cash WHILE getting a lot more done!

I will also be sharing with you my super simple, step-by-step Easy Systems workbook that will help you discover and customize your own effective systems for your own unique blog or business. Isn’t that awesome?

Well now that I have your attention, let’s rock this!

Before we dive in head first, make sure that you download my Easy Systems workbook because it will ask you the strategic questions to help you map out your very first system to save time, make more money and grow your blog exponentially quicker!

Now, let’s go over the basics of the very first tailored for you system you will create today:


Let’s crush the #1 most common myth of outsourcing. The lie that you don't have enough money to pay someone else to do a task for you. Now you could genuinely not have any money for this (I totally feel ya when I was first starting out). But I would argue that if you choose not to outsource, you’re actually costing yourself more money than if you do go that route.

I mean, how many $5, $15 or $100 dollar tasks are you doing that are holding you back from earning your first $1,000? For example, after growing to hundreds of thousands of followers, I learned that answering 100 questions per day was actually costing me MORE money than it hiring a Social Media Manager for a few hours a week (very inexpensive) ever could. This helped me reach more people with better service and enabled me to do the tasks that really boosted my blog’s growth and income!

Now, of course, I still love to jump in and do these tasks from time to time. But now they are no longer a time-consuming commitment I can’t escape! Result: I can focus on the more profitable tasks (that only I can do) like creating course content, webinar workshops or blog posts.

So if you’re spending those precious minutes and hours doing every single task, I’d like you to ask yourself “What is the one thing could I cut (outsource) that would allow me to focus on the tasks that bring the biggest payoff?”

We're starting to get somewhere now aren't we? 😉


This doesn't mean shipping your blog or biz somewhere to be run by robots, I promise ya! 😉

But I can almost guarantee if we sat down together and looked at your daily tasks, we’d find at least one thing you could immediately throw on autopilot and be blown away by how much time a week you can save!

These eye-opening moments are pivotal and will not only save you countless hours but also grow your business without hiccups and push you to reach that next profit goal.

For example, Pinterest used to be an enormous time consumer until automation software solutions like BoardBooster or Tailwind came along. You used to have to manually pin every single pin to each board. Now you can simply ‘loop’ your pins one-time and have your Pinterest driving traffic to your blog automatically… BOOM goes the dynamite!


When everything’s said and done, systems done correctly will not help you spend more time on the things that make you happy – family, shopping, reading that book, they will also take away many of the bottlenecks keeping your blog from being the “next big thing”. Humans make mistakes…systems, fortunately, do not!

Through systems, you find the right balance of tasks that are properly outsourced and automated. That time that you just freed up can now be spent on the jobs that can hugely impact the growth of your blog or biz.

But what about the tasks that cannot be outsourced or automated?

SOLUTION: Batching.

Batching simply means combining similar tasks together, preferably at the same time of the week. For example writing your blog post(s) on Monday. Creating your weekly email and blog send out on Tuesday. Promoting your blog post or content via Social Media on Wednesday.

Try batching similar tasks together on a monthly schedule and watch yourself get more done in half the time and by stressing way less.


Kevin! I want to start implementing a system right now…”

I know…I know! Hold your horses, we’re just getting started here. 😉

Let’s go over two real-world examples you can use right now for your blog or business. Now, these may not fit perfectly to your business but they should be enough to get your creative juices flowing and you’ll be able to start systemizing your blog or biz right away.


I’m not afraid to talk about what most bloggers will never admit. Writing is scary. There’ are many to-dos when it comes to a blog post, much more than what immediately meets the eye. But I want to tell you right off the bat that blogging can be SUPER fun and when done right, can be outsourced to others to make the job even easier.

Here are a few tasks that can be outsourced:

  • Your blog post edits. Get your first draft done and pass it to the editor (plus it's always good to get a fresh pair of eyes on this one).
  • Designing your blog post feature image that’s Pinterest friendly.
  • Creating your content upgrades (freebies you trade for emails).
  • Promoting your post on social media.

Are you currently doing all of these tasks for your blog posts? Just count how many hours these tasks add to each blog post you write. Wow, that much? Now imagine if you could outsource even half of these jobs? What could you do in all that SPARE time? Starting to sound awesome, right?!


No matter how badly you want to outsource the creation of your online course, I’m afraid that one’s not possible here. But I do have good news! There are many tasks that come along with creating a rockstar online course which does not call for your direct involvement and here’s exactly how you can outsource them.

  • Powerpoint/Keynote slide creation. One of the most annoying obstacles you will come across when creating your first online course is building beautiful slides for your modules/lessons. Take it from me, it’s intimidating doing it all yourself. Not impossible one bit, but difficult if it’s your first course and you're not a designer. Normally you create the outline, design the slides, and then throw the content on the slides. Now imagine only having to do the outline and throwing all your focus and energy into laying the foundation for something great!
  • Editing your video modules. I don’t know about you, but I am faaaar from perfect when it comes to recording your slides on the first try. FAR FAR FROM IT! 😉 When you’re starting out, expect things like “ums”, pauses and mistakes in your recordings. And instead of spending forever recording your videos, why not just hire someone to fix your mistakes and edit for you? Simply record once and you're done! Easy as pie right?!
  • Exporting and uploading your videos. For being such a simple task, it’s simply mind boggling how much time it can take (especially when you’re 10 videos deep with the cheapest internet on the planet because you're just starting out…been there). The routine normally looks like: record videos, edit videos, export videos, upload videos. Imagine if you got to cut that routine off after the very first step! Wheeew!
  • Designing your worksheets. Now this one’s a no-brainer for most of us, especially if you don't come from a design or branding background (raises hand). And will most likely be your wisest spent money because branding your course beautifully is one of the biggest game changers for your blog or biz.
  • Laying out your course. Now if you haven’t had any tech nightmares before today, let me forewarn you. Membership course websites and plugins can leave you pulling your hair out. I highly recommend using a course building website like Teachable if you’re not a developer. Just do it and you can thank me later for this one. 😉
  • Hiring a copywriter and sales page designer. Writing copy (sales/marketing writing) can be a tough one when you're starting out. I highly recommend partnering with someone you can trust and who knows a thing or two about writing copy. You will learn a ton as you collaborate with them and this is a lifelong skill you will want to acquire for future use! Again, hiring this task out pays for itself because it often results in more sales.

I totally understand it just may not be possible for you to hire someone out, especially in the beginning and you're just getting started. I did all of this stuff on my own during my first launch. It’s often wiser to get a hang of the ropes before you pass them off to someone else. But now that I am able to hire people to help me with some of the jobs, it's been an absolute game changer for my blog and biz. And it’s enabled me to focus on what I love most: creating the actual content. Everything else can be outsourced so I am able to create the very best content possible. And that’s the goal, right?

I also think it's very important to point out for those of you thinking, “I literally CANNOT AFFORD to hire all these people… should I just give up?” The answer is NO. I’ve worn those shoes before, and like I said, it's a great thing to learn the ropes before paying someone else to do it for you. If they make a mistake, you will be able to catch it. Plus you'll get a good taste of the quality of work you expect to receive in return for your hard earned money.

Remember, take one step at a time and be encouraged that I myself and every other successful person started EXACTLY where you are right now. Smile and get ready for an exciting road ahead, my friend, you are in the right place!


Now that you’re no longer a rookie, it’s time to get your hands dirty and map out your very own system. Of course, I will be with you each step of the way, but it's time to let some rope out. 😉 You are so close to nailing down time-saving processes and making your blog and biz more fun than ever before!

To help, I’ve created an easy to follow workbook you can print out (or simply open and type into from your computer). Download it now by clicking the button below!

Here’s the gameplan:

  • Step #1: What are the projects that take up most of your time?
  • Step #2: Create a list of the specific to-dos that make up each project.
  • Step #3: Can any of these tasks be outsourced (given to someone else)?
  • Step #4: Can any of these tasks be automated (given to the all mighty tech)?
  • Step #5: What are the tasks (to-dos) you can’t automate or outsource?
  • Step #6: Can any of these tasks be batched (done together?)
  • Step #7: Bring it all together.

WOOHOO! You are officially on your way to creating Rockstar systems for your blog or biz!

To wrap this all up with a cherry on top, let’s dive into a few of the programs I’ve used that can save you some precious time.


I couldn’t send you off without sharing some of the goods. These tools will complement your systems and make your life far easier.

Automate Your Social Media:


Automate Your Email:


Project Management Tools:


Alright rockstar, it’s time to challenge the world and not take no for an answer. I hope this post helped inspire some ideas for your very own systems (you are definitely creative enough!). If anything, these ideas can save you a heck of a lot of time in your day to day tasks.

If you haven't downloaded the free workbook already, make sure to grab it right now even if you keep it on your desktop for later. Because simply reading this blog won't save you time or help you grow your biz. You have to take action and implement the ideas as well. 😉

Download the workbook here:

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