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Picture this: you’ve finally finished creating your new product and you’re ready to sell. It’s been months of outlining, brainstorming with your team, writing your content, editing, feeling like you’re a complete and total failure and know nothing, rinsing, and repeating.

But it’s done. You’ve got your completed product.

You’re ready for a five or six figure launch.

But wait.

You’ve forgotten one crucial step in the process: your sales page.

If you want to have a killer launch, you absolutely need a sales landing page. A page that details what people will be getting out of your product, why they need it, who else has loved it, and more.

A fully fleshed out page that sells your course.

You’re not going to be able to show people the name or image of your product, send them to an order form, and make a sale. That’s simply not how it works.

You need a sales page that converts visitors into customers on autopilot so you can put all of your energy into one single page, and it does all the smooth sales talking for you.

Gif with guy from Southpark saying "nothing, just excited about these deals"

Putting together a sales page can seem like a crazy, complicated mess. The first time I had to work on a sales page, I was immediately overwhelmed. I didn’t know how to write sales copy. I had no idea which paragraphs and buttons to put where to have the biggest impact.

And even if I did it all correctly on the first go ‘round, the idea of actually putting it out there and start selling was almost enough to keep me from creating one in the first place.

Selling makes you vulnerable. You have to put yourself out there. And what if nobody buys?

But I did it. I was able to craft a sales page that actually made sales. (I mean, that’s the goal, right? 😉)

So I want to share with you my exact process for creating sales pages that convert. Because you want to make sales, too!

graphic for a blog article about creating epic sales pages that convert

Let’s start by being just a little bit candid. You’re not going to make any money if your sales page is ugly, doesn’t have the right information, and isn’t optimized well for making sales.

To make your life easier, I’m going to go over absolutely everything that your sales page needs to increase its conversion rate and generate leads and sales.

Check out the episode below:

Headline & Tagline

The start of every good sales page has a headline in the h1 tag and a tagline or subheading in the h2 tag.

Your headline will most likely be your product name, whether it’s a course, a book, a physical product, etc.

Your tagline or subheading should tell your audience exactly what your product is and who it’s for.

graphic for a free checklist that guides you how to create sales pages that convert

So if you’re a nutritional coach and you’ve just created a cookbook/self-help book with fast and healthy breakfast recipes mixed in with tips for getting up on time and making breakfast every morning, the top of your sales page might look something like this:


Breakfast for Night Owls

The Complete Breakfast Cookbook + Guide to Starting the Day for People Who Hate Mornings


You’ve got your product name and tagline explaining the product more in-depth and stating exactly who it’s for.

Sales Video

While this piece of the sales pages isn’t required, it can actually increase conversions by 86%. And who doesn’t love a statistic like that? Plus, nearly 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before buying.

A sales video doesn’t have to be a huge production. In fact, you could do something as simple as recording yourself on your computer talking about your product and why your audience needs it now.

If you have the time and resources, though, putting together a sales video that interviews you and current customers, and gets some awesome b-roll footage, would be a great way to solidify that sale.

Sales Copy

Writing sales copy is one of the most challenging parts of creating your entire sales page. When it comes to any type of writing or copy, sales copy is a beast all its own.

Every good piece of sales copy needs to include these things:

  • Addresses the audience
  • Talks about their pain points
  • Explains why what they’re currently doing won’t fix the problem
  • Explains why your product will fix the problem
  • Tells them exactly what steps to take to get started now

So how do you write good sales copy?

First, you need to know your audience. Who is it that needs your product? If we stay with our initial example, it’s people who don’t like waking up early, but also still understand that they need to eat breakfast to have a healthy life.

Address that audience directly throughout your sales page.

Next, divide your content into bite-sized chunks. Real talk: people are not going to read a giant mega-paragraph of text on your sales page. And if you’re including some real gems in that copy, you want people to read it!

Always be sure to break things into bullets, use subheadings, and break up your copy into different sections of your sales page.

Then you want to think about why your audience needs your product. What is it going to help them solve? Address their pain points, then tell your audience why they need your product to make them better.

Paint a picture of a better life for your customer and how your product gets them there.

And finally, include clear calls to action throughout.

Product Features

You want to tell visitors to your sales page exactly what it is that your product includes. Create a section on your sales page that lists out a few of the chapters in your book or modules in your course, as well as any additional features.

These might be something like access to a private Facebook Group, workbooks, templates, and anything else you want to include alongside your course or book content.

Teasing what’s inside of your product helps generate interest and lure people to buy.

Product Benefits

This is no surprise—of course, you want to highlight the benefits of your product on your sales page. Your entire page of sales copy should be benefit-focused.

You want to touch on how your product benefits your customers, rather than how people buying your product benefits you. Tell your people what your product can help them learn, do, and/or become.

When you show the benefits of your product, you’re showing your customers the end goal: what they can have. And that’s all anyone is looking for—a better future, a better life than what they have now.

Social Proof

One of the best ways to sell something is word of mouth. If someone loves your product and they tell someone else about it, it’s nearly guaranteed that if that person also needs your product, they will buy it from you. Because someone else recommended you.

Recommendations are strong. And that’s what social proof is.

An essential part of any sales page is testimonials from people who have used and loved your products, taken past courses and seen results, and so on. Find your people. Ask them to write you a review or testimonial. And put it on your sales page.

You can also take screenshots of Instagram or Facebook comments, tweets, and emails you’ve received from people who love your content.

If you have nothing else on your sales page, put some social proof and a Buy Now button.

(But also don’t do that because all of these things are essential for the type of launch you’re looking for.)


Now think big. What can you offer in addition to your awesome product, course, book, etc., to really spice things up? What can you give away fo’ free after people pay you money for your product? What’s the big enchilada, the cheese quesadilla, the icing on the cake?

Bonuses can be anything from additional course modules to free trials of software and services to free coaching seminars and more.

Why add bonuses?

Well, it adds a sense of value to your course. It’s like they’re getting even more bang for their buck. They’re already spending $97, $197, $497, etc., on your product. So giving them even more awesome stuff helps them to feel better about their purchase.

Not only are they getting your product, they’re also getting all of these really great things for absolutely free.

Bonuses are also really great for creating a sense of urgency. If you include select bonuses when you launch that are only available for a limited amount of time, you can bring in a lot more sales in the initial onset of your launch.

So think about what bonuses you can offer, and add them to your sales page!

Call to Action

And then, obviously, you need to include a call to action on your sales page. What do people need to do?

Buy your product!

Include buttons that say “Buy Now” or “Only $97” or other short CTAs throughout your sales page and not only at the bottom. A good sales page is long and includes a lot of information, so you want to give people several different options throughout the page to buy.

Include a CTA button at the very top, a few throughout, then a big call to action section at the very bottom.

So you know what needs to go into your sales page, you know how to write some awesome copy, what’s next?

graphic for a free checklist that guides you how to create sales pages that convert

How to Create Your Sales Pages

There are a few different ways you can create your epic sales page.

1. LeadPages
2. Teachable (specifically for online courses)
3. Your Website


Screenshot of the Leadpages homepage for a creating sales pages blog post

This is a seriously awesome online tool that allows you to create visually appealing landing pages incredibly easily.

It’s literally just cut, paste, drag, drop, voila.

You’ve got yourself a beautiful landing page to promote your new product! LeadPages even includes a ton of templates to get you started if you’re not super design savvy.

When you create your LeadPages account, you create a subdomain, so your landing pages can live at OR (and I highly recommend this) you can upload the LeadPages plugin to your WordPress website and host the landing pages right on your domain. So it’ll be

Even with the lowest tier plan, you have access to create unlimited landing pages, so you can create one of these for every single opt-in, content upgrade, or freebie you create, as well as your sales pages for your products and/or services.


screenshot of the homepage for Teachable on a blog about creating epic sales pages

If you’re creating online courses, you need Teachable in your life. It’s the perfect online software to host and promote your online course.

It allows you to create a full-length sales page with all of your copy and necessary sales page elements that we just spend the last 1,500 words covering. It also takes care of payments and allows you to input all of your course content behind the payment gateway so that only customers have access to your course.

And if you’ve ever done an online course before on a website and created the membership aspect yourself with plugins and integrations and the whole nine-yards, you’ll know what a blessing that is.

And if you haven’t, just stick with a software like Teachable.

Your Website

Last, but certainly not least, you can also simply create a landing page on your website. This way you don’t have to pay for any third party services if you’re running a little low on funds before your launch.

But also, if you choose this method, you’re going to either need a WordPress theme that makes creating landing pages easy, or the ability to do some basic coding.

Ready to get started crating your first sales page? Download the sales page checklist to make sure you don’t miss a single step!

graphic for a free checklist that guides you how to create sales pages that convert



These are the EXACT same steps I used to 10x businesses just like yours and generate new customers on autopilot!

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed, no messin' around!