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We’ve all seen the classic movies with hundreds of people reading their newspapers while waiting in the train station. You could literally replace them with people glued to their phone screens, and now you’ve got a modern feature film.

If there’s one single thing that we can all count on, it’s that content isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

But content can be hard to come up with. It takes a village.

And my village is freaking awesome. As a team, we’ve configured the perfect content creation system that helps us to create value-packed blog and podcast content every single week.

Once I discovered this system, content creation stopped being a hassle. My team and I are able to create consistent, quality content without getting overwhelmed or dealing with writer’s block or creative’s block.

I want to walk you through our precise system, how it works, and how it can work for you.

Now you can steal my content creation system to publish blogs that rock!

This system is a form of batching called “mega batching.” Essentially, it’s batching, but in a really big way.

Hence the “mega.”

When I first assembled my team (think Avengers-style), we did things very differently.

Gif of superheroes from the avengers ready to publish blogs that don't suck

We created weekly content, week by week. So every single member of my team had tasks to take care of every single week. It was exhausting constantly having things on our to do list and never seeming to get to the end. I knew something had to change.

Check out the episode below:

That’s when I listened to Amy Porterfield’s podcast episode on mega batching, and it honestly couldn’t have come at a better time.

My incredible project manager put together a process in Asana for us to test out one month, and we’ve perfected it from there.

What is batching?

Batching is the process of grouping like tasks together. So, for example, outlining all of your blog posts for the month at one time, rather than one at a time.

Mega batching is creating multiple groups of like tasks.

And that’s what our process is based on.

Instead of finding a topic, researching it, outlining the post, writing the content, recording the podcast, and publishing blogs each week, we’ve created a system where we outline all posts for the month in one week, write them in two weeks, then spend the last week recording the podcasts and scheduling all of the content.

Why batch?

Before, we were posting content week-to-week, and it was just about as stressful as living paycheck-to-paycheck.

If one unexpected expense popped up, we went into debt.

Or rather, if one unexpected thing popped up, like one of my team members had a sick baby, or someone was going on vacation, or anything really (and when you work with a full team, a lot of different things can come up—it’s a fact of life and everyone is busy), we would struggle to have any content to post that week.

I preach publishing weekly content, so it doesn’t look great on me if I tell you that you need to post new blogs or podcasts weekly, but I can’t even manage to do it myself.

However, since starting this system, we’ve gotten close to two months of content written in advance—that’s huge, and such a weight off my shoulders knowing that if absolutely anything comes up, we’re not stressed or scrambling to put content out.

Our Perfect Content Creation System

Like I said, we started out testing this system and tweaked it month by month until we found a process that worked perfectly for us. I recommend you start your team off by copying step-by-step what my team’s process is, then finding ways to adapt it in a way that fits well with your team.

And to help you get started, I’ve put together a freebie that lets you steal my content creation system so you can create your own. Download it now:

Graphic for a free template of a successful content creation system


Our first mega batching “session,” if you will, is our brainstorm. When I first got started with my content creator, we would put together a list of topics and articles that we loved and use those to create new ideas via Slack and/or Dropbox Paper.

We’d message each other back and forth to confirm topics, then she’d outline, I’d approve, she’d write, I’d approve, etc.

But I needed to be more involved in the process.

So we started our first month of mega batching with an extended brainstorming call. We spend about two hours at the least, but never more than 2.5-3 hours, on our call talking about ideas for the month and fleshing them out.

We each come prepared for the call with 3-4 topic ideas written down and briefly explained in our brainstorming Dropbox Paper document. We’ll go down the list and talk about our thoughts behind each topic and how we envision the content looking.

Screenshot of content creation system brainstorm

After ensuring that no topic we choose is too close to similar topics, we’ll highlight our favorites, then get started on researching and outlining the content together.


We do this step while we’re still on our call. Because my content creator is incredibly skilled at quickly putting together outlines, she handles most of this while I input stories, anecdotes, and tips from my own life and business.

She does the research and does a great job of rewriting my stories and using both her and my experience and expertise to insert a new perspective on each piece.

We go over each outline one by one and talk through anything that might not make sense or might need just a little bit of tweaking before it’s perfect. We also plan out and create a framework for what each content upgrade is going to look like as well. I make sure each freebie will look exactly as I want it to so that it includes the most value possible (you’re welcome 😉).

Then we wrap up our call. My content creator has a few more days to polish the outlines and create a basic outline/framework for each freebie that I look over and approve before we move onto the content creation portion.

The brainstorming and majority of the outlining are done in a single 2-3 hour call with me and one other team member. As I said, she has a few more days to polish the outlines and create individual docs for them outside of our brainstorming doc.

The rest of the first week goes over to an SEO person I have on my team and she does a pre-SEO audit of the post and headline. This step is optional, especially if you’re not currently focusing on SEO, so don’t stress for a minute if you don’t have SEO on your team.

Content Creation

I completely pass the baton over to my content creator for the next couple of weeks at this point while she takes the outlines we’ve put together and turns them into awesome blog content.

This is definitely the longest stretch of our monthly content creation system, but it’s during this time that I’m able to focus on other aspects of my business: coaching, promoting, networking, course creation, and more.

I got crazy lucky when finding my content creator and she’s been an absolute rockstar addition to the team. So I let her do her thing, then at the end of the second two weeks, she comes back with four fully written articles and freebie content created, ready for the next step.

My content creation includes the following:

  • Blog content
  • Email content
  • Podcast content
  • Facebook/Instagram Live content

My content creator does the base for all of this with the blog content, and I take the lead on the rest.

After all of the blog content is done, I create each of the marketing emails to go out to my email list and tease the content. I record each podcast episode that accompanies the content on my blog. And I do a Facebook/Instagram Live segment each week to go even further in-depth on each piece of content.

The marketing emails and podcast episodes I’m able to create and schedule along with my blog content. Those are done in the last week of the month, while the rest of my team designs the content upgrades, inputs the blog content into WordPress, creates the blog post and freebie graphics, configures each content upgrade opt-in, and does another SEO sweep.

Then, each week, as each new post goes live, my marketing team works on getting the content out there on each of my social channels and I do my live broadcast.

My marketing team focuses on our Pinterest account more than anything. We’re a part of both Tailwind and Boardbooster tribes, so they work on rotating out content to the best possible tribes and boards, and we’ve seen a lot of success with this strategy.

Of course there are still some tasks that have to be done weekly. It’s obviously not possible to pre-record a live show—that’s the complete opposite of the purpose of going live.

Regardless of still having some weekly tasks, not everything is weekly, and that in itself is huge. This process has completely revolutionized the way we create content, and if I’m being honest with you, I’m pretty obsessed with the results.

We’re consistently ahead of schedule with publishing content, and if something were to come up that were to put us behind, it wouldn’t be a huge deal because we have content in the queue. Like I said, we’re nearly two months ahead of schedule with content, and it’s a great place to be.

If you’re sick of living week-to-week with your content creation, you need a mega batching content creation system in your life.

Download this freebie to steal my content creation system and get started on your own:

Graphic for a free template of a successful content creation system



These are the EXACT same steps I used to 10x businesses just like yours and generate new customers on autopilot!

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed, no messin' around!