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I remember writing my very first blog post. It was stressful and I was honestly scared to death.

I had seen so many ‘perfect’ posts out there from all the blogs I followed and loved. Why did it seem like they always had everything perfect?

They had blog posts coming out every week like clockwork.

Each one handcrafted and tailored like walking into your favorite retail clothing shop and knowing you were bound to find at least one thing you loved and HAD to buy.

I knew I had to be like them if I was going to have a successful blog. I knew I had to somehow reverse engineer their success and imitate it without copying them tooth and nail. I knew I needed to come up with catchy blog title ideas without resorting to click-bait.

And the fear of being ‘perfect' froze me up more times then it allowed me to get started. I couldn't even get a taste of what worked and what didn't. You know, to actually write a blog post and see if it was even liked, or not.

Well, I am going to give you the framework I could only wish I had then.

A little piece of info that can get you passed that writer's block or perfectionist mindset, whatever you want to call it.

And into the arena of professional headline writing, so you can have your first taste of success and start building that confidence I know you have deep down inside of you!

Blue graphic image about How to write a headline for blog post titles

1. Use A Number At The Beginning of Blog Post Titles

Not only will numbers increase your SEO with google and get you higher up in the google search rankings. It allows people to click more easily.

I mean, who hasn't written a grocery list? There's very little commitment AND demand (easier to click) on the reader to read a list. Heck, if they wanted to skim it for 30 seconds and be off, they could right?

And this is where we get them. 😉

2. The Power Of Odd Number > Even Number

It seems odd that odd numbers could make a difference… am I right? I am right! (Woohoo!!) Well statistically speaking…

Content Marketing Institute has published studies showing that blog post headlines with odd numbers BEAT even numbers by over 20 percent. That means a little know-how and thinking while outlining your blog title ideas beforehand, could totally CRUSH the competition before you get started! WOWZAS is right! 😀

3. Playing Around With CoSchedule (Get Back To Work!)

Alright, I am going to tell you a dirty little secret…

I probably have a little too much fun with this next tool I'm about to reveal to you.

It’s kind of like a game that will keep you from actually getting any work done… But hey, your headlines are gonna ROCK, right? 😀 At least they should! Copyblogger shares the following statistic that reiterates the importance of headlines:

“On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.”

Here are some important things CoScheduler can instantly tell you:

  • The correct mix of uncommon, common, power words to use.
  • The ideal word count and character usage.
  • A little preview of what your blog post Headline will look like on Google.
  • Identification of the power words people will focus on when they read your Headline.

4. Use Negative Power Words To Spice Things Up

Ever wonder why the news always ‘feels’ so negative? Well I will tell you right now they're playing with your psyche and they do it because it gets the ratings.

Not only does it scare the reader into clicking your headline, but it's proven to work because those pesky life insurance commercials have been doing it to us for years!

For example, “5 Best Snacks To Prepare Your Summer Beach Body” does not get as many clicks as “5 Worst Snacks That Will Wreck Your Summer Beach Body”

Outbrain did a study on over 65,000 headline titles comparing positive, negative and no power words at all. The headlines with the negative power word won out big time.

5. ‘Sentence Case’ Eye Candy

Time to finish with something sweet!

Let’s try our last point on for size with a very easy change. Something that you can do without much thought at all is ‘Sentence Casing’ your headlines.

Here are the 3 most common types of headline capitalization:

  • Sentence Case – “11 Ways To Create A Rockstar Blog”
  • Lower Case – “11 ways to create a rockstar blog”

A study by Conductor has shown that sentence case is drastically preferred by almost 300% than the other capitalization styles! I guess you know how you’re going to format your headlines from now on right? 😉

Well to wrap this all up, I want to give you a very fun and easy formula (Brandon Gaille style) to go by for when you are ready to perfect your next proven headline.

Combining all the headline writing methods we talked about above, it goes something like this:

[Odd Number] + [Power Word] + [Keyword Phrase]

[11] + [Powerful] + [Ways To Create Headlines]

It’s as simple as that. And without stressing, a proven way to drive clicks and get readers into your blog posts so you can focus on actually writing awesome content.

Remember, the best way to create a successful blog is to literally get out there and do it. It really is as simple as getting started! The rest will come as you go.

Don't let your dream and passion go to waste. Paraphrasing a quote I heard a while back, “everyone, and I mean everyone has a few good books inside of them.”

Now imagine all the potential you have coming up with blog title ideas for your first post!

Get started today. But first, get plugged in and become a Rockstar by joining our Online Business Rockstars Facebook Group. It’s free! And there are a TON of other Rockstars inside dying to meet you!



These are the EXACT same steps I used to 10x businesses just like yours and generate new customers on autopilot!

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed, no messin' around!