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Can we just start with the elephant in the room?
Kev. Why “Create Rockstar Blogs ©”?

What could you possibly know?

It’s true. I’m a young, married, Christian man. My amazing wife Reena is not even a mother yet. And while I motivate hundreds of thousands of people in more than 100 countries on social media every day, how does this equate to a solution designed directly for Moms?

I offer Moms the opportunity to:

  • Learn and Earn—While setting your own schedule, working when and where you like
  • Discover Passions and Joy—Making hand-over-fist money from your hobbies and passions
  • Feel Proud and Successful—And I mean $1,000 – $10,000+ a month $uccessful

I first hear “But Kevin, you’re not a Mom …”, and:

“I’m scared that I won’t know how to …”

You will. Step-by-step, at every angle, you will know precisely what to do as we take your blog from zero to sixty (and YOU from fearful to confident).


How do I help Moms [provide more for their families, prove to themselves that they are savvy, and achieve their dreams through building an online blogging business that supports them financially] make more money blogging than they dreamed possible?

Lean in here.

The answer: I provide the KNOW-HOW.

I give you the inside track at every step along the way. Where do I start? How does a blog make money? I’ve put in the work, cracked the code, built massive followings, and now I deliver my proven method in a fail-proof manner to Moms.

The real question here is: Why Moms?

I see you. I recognize you. I respect you.

And I want to help you

propel YOU.

KevCharlie, motivational influencer and

owner of “Create Successful Mom Blogs ©”

I help Moms because of exactly one Mom: Julie Wallace, my Mom. My nurse turned stay-at-home mom. My always there, tirelessly supporting me and our family, putting aside her dreams and her goals to ensure we met ours, my Mom. Go ahead, pull out the Kleenex. I’m going to go there.

You have to know this story in order to understand why I work so hard to help Moms.

Sobbing on the couch, my Mom was having a day.  

I know you know those days.

No family nearby, times were tough.

When she wasn’t pouring her soul into caring for our every detail, she was commuting to the hospital to take care of her own sick mother.

As she says when telling this story, “I felt overwhelmed, and I felt very alone.”   

Realizing through tears that she needed to check on me, she tried to pull herself together and turned … only to see 2-year-old me standing in front of her, handing her my sippy cup. Thinking I needed something to drink, she reached for my cup.  

But it was full.

I had pulled up a stool to the bathroom sink and filled my sippy cup with water, just for her.

She broke down in tears again, but this time her heart was overflowing.

I told you I was going there! I grew up on that story, and I’ve always loved it. You see, in that moment, I was able to offer something to the one who didn’t have anything but always gave me everything (who is still giving me everything, thanks Mom)!

Combine the raw respect I have for my Mom, and the sacrifices I saw firsthand growing up, with nine years working ‘from the ground up’ building elevators at my father’s small business while learning, honing, and developing a passion for honest business.

Elevators are my Pop’s dream. Online business is mine.

So I studied. And I worked. (And studied and worked and studied and worked.) When I launched my first online Instagram business—as my following took off to over 200,000 people in less than six months and I saw how POSSIBLE making a serious, steady income through blogging really is—I knew I had valuable knowledge.

And I knew, too, precisely who I want to give this know-how to.

  • The ones whose passion and perseverance has always inspired me—Moms
  • The ones who work relentlessly to help others, even when it means putting aside their own dreams—Moms
  • The ones who I don’t want to ever feel alone or that no one is there to help them—Moms

Start here, with the “7 Proven Steps to Creating A Successful Online Blog”. It’s FREE for a reason. I want to give you a stress-free, worry-free OPPORTUNITY.  

You can be your own boss.

You can thrive.

You can show your children, and yourself, what you’re made of.

You can achieve more than you know, and live the meaningful life that you dream of.

You just need the Know-How.

Let’s get you blogging, earning, and smiling.

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And hey, thanks for being here. I genuinely appreciate it… and you!