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Great blog posts NEVER came easy to me. Writer’s block is one of my natural talents and the dreaded blank page haunts me. Whenever I finally did sum up the courage to sit down in the chair my hands would simply freeze.

I mean I had read all the tips. I heard all the so-called secrets and I knew all about what the masters did. Even so, writing just did not come naturally. Instead of feeling a flow of creative energy when I opened the laptop, I felt stuck in place, like a rabbit in the headlights. Only it wasn't a car speeding towards me, it was a big, fat writer's block.

When it got so bad that my palms started to sweat even if I shot a glance at my laptop, I finally figured it out. My problem was not the writer's block at all. It was FEAR.

And here is something I have learned since. That fear, the fear of committing words to the page, was not unique to me. All writers have it. Even the greatest of bloggers have it! So gosh darn it, how did they get so much great content out and their blogs become so successful?!

That was it! If the fear wasn't going away than I was just going to have to deal with it. I was going to have to ‘dance with it’. And now you can break through writer's block too!

Now obviously you aren't born on the stage of Dancing With The Stars! And if you expect yourself to be a natural right off that bat… just don’t do that to yourself. Take a step back and let go of those hidden expectations.

Try this strategy to come up with new ideas for your blog posts. Break your block and write an amazing blog post. By Kevin Charlie - Blogging Expert

Here are 7 ways to beat writer's block (and the fear that causes it):

#1 – Duct tape yourself to your chair

Break Writer's BlockSo everyone’s seen the whole duct-tape-the-poor-guy to the ceiling prank. Now just throw him a keyboard and imagine how many words he could type!

Okay… so you probably shouldn’t do this but more often than not getting in that chair in the first place is that difficult first step we must all accomplish. Once we get there a whole new battle begins. The temptations come to all of us, Facebook, Twitter… checking that phone for what's the latest on Instagram.

Every time you switch your attention to a social network, ‘…just for a moment…', it costs you an average of 15 quality minutes and that does not include the time it takes you to ramp back up mentally when you switch back.

Now multiply that by multiple social media networks plus email throughout the day. That's anything from 45 minutes to an hour or more that you could have easily used to write and possibly get that entire first draft of your post free and clear!


If you don’t have the willpower to close those social media browsers during the most productive hours of your day, consider installing a plugin that blocks your access.

Plant that phone on vibrate (so you can tell if it's ringing and ignore those pesky 1-buzz notifications that will take you out) and far across the room until you’ve reached your goal.

This way you can focus on getting what you need done, and reward yourself afterwards with those funny cat videos your friend won’t stop sending you!

#2 – Start writing stories instead of school papers

There once was this kid who couldn't help but pay attention in grade school English class. You know the one who brought that apple to school every day so the teacher would mark the plus signs after all the A’s they got.

Years after finally graduating with better than perfect scores he was hired on to do the marketing for a local agency and wrote exactly the way he had memorised in school. Introduction, body and conclusion.

Not a single reader signed up for their newsletter or shared their blog posts and he was actually taken away to jail for being so dreadfully boring that they couldn't take it any longer! And they all lived happily ever after. **mean chuckle**

Now that’s a story right? Some people might even be able to relate to that poor fellow because we were forced to write this way. Others might find this story entertaining.

The point is that it’s a heck of a lot easier to write when you’re telling people your stories. And everyone else is a lot better off for it!

What has happened in your life? What are your experiences with it? Offer your readers a story and the lessons you took away from it. You’ll find the value in your writing comes naturally and you’ll be thousands of words into your writing before you even realise it!

#3 – Get the facts straight beforehand

When you’re writing your great blog post, the goal is to gather interesting facts that the reader may not have heard of before.

One of the key problems here though is that most bloggers will try and write the entire post without grabbing any facts or sources first. This ends up leaving them jumping all over the place without having a consistent voice throughout the article.

So when we gather our facts beforehand it gives us 3 important advantages that will help us get great blog posts out with consistent speed!

  • You can start including sources in your content. In today's day and age, anyone can pretend to be anybody online. But when you do some key research beforehand, it affirms to the reader that you know what you’re talking about
  • Your posts will begin with proper structure and foundation. We’ve all had that time when we’re halfway through the post or even in the first paragraph and we just draw a blank. When you start with the foundation, you will be able to easily fill in the gaps. You’ll have an image in mind and this will enable you to write at record speeds!
  • You will update and improve your own perspective. Now take a step back. Remember the good old days when you could just write the keyword you were trying to rank for with google 3-4 times throughout the entire post? SEO has changed since then and now you need relevance and usefulness to rank well. Getting those facts straight right off the bat will enable you to write with the future and mind while you constantly improve.

Accuracy is crucial when writing a great blog post in a short amount of time. If you don’t have facts to back you up, you can start to lose credibility as quickly as you write. It's a great habit to build those sources up as you go without making back-breaking assumptions that will destroy the creative process. When you have your facts straight, writing will come naturally. And you will save yourself a ton of time!


#4 – Create your basic headlines first

So you have the idea of your blog post in your head. Now, let's realize it by writing those thoughts down onto your paper in the form of a headline.

Instead of trying to write your entire blog post from start to finish without anything to go by, try writing out your heading first. And even better if it’s a list type post, write down all the points before you get started. Ever had trouble whizzing through a grocery list before?

The more simple the processes that we break this down into, the better the chances of translating your vision for the blog and it's message into reality.

When you adopt this strategy for your writing, you won't have to begin from scratch – you will have signposts guiding your way!

In fact, you’ve already thought up what you want to say. Now you just need to say it!

#5 – The secret to endurance writing (writers second wind)

It’s time to get that second wind. Have you ever heard of the long distance runners that 15 miles in get their second wind and finish the race off just like they had started? According to WebMD, the term is used to “describe the feelings of psychological well-being that are associated quite often with long-duration, rhythmic-type exercise.”

That’s how runners can get through triathlons and still feel like a million bucks. And it's how you're going to blow past the 1500 word limit well into your writer's euphoria!

Runners often use the rhythm of their footsteps to establish a rhythm. Well, you have the tap, tap, tap of your keyboard to keep yourself going.

The goal is to find that “writers high”. Now it doesn't always happen but when it does you can get insane amounts of work done in a very short duration of time.

I want to give you the good news though: You can encourage yourself to find this writer's high on a consistent basis and here are the top 3 ways I know how:

  • Establish your own “personalized” method of focused writing: Whether it’s placing yourself in a white noise environment like having your fan running in the background, or turning on the certain song or music, find your zone and you will cross that finish line.
  • Create distraction-free zones: Look we all start to recognise patterns after they start to form. Whether it's the spouse who calls every day around noon or those notifications that need to go on silent for 1 straight hour of writing per day. Or you know you will start to get hungry halfway through your writing so you bring some food to your table. Plan ahead and enable yourself to find that groove so writing can be fun and easy going!
  • Visualize your success: Writing may be the task of the day that just doesn't go over very well in your mind. And the next blog post on your list might be as daunting as ever. I’ve found that visualizing my success and literally publishing that completed, gorgeous post in my head helps me see myself to the end. And this by far has made writing not only doable for me, but shockingly easier.

#6 – Create a list of blog post ideas to ease up the process

I really need to clean up the living room right now, it's a mess. I forgot about this *important* (actually minor) task I should probably do first. Oh shoot that I need to write back that person that who messaged me on facebook yesterday! Eventually, the thought races across your mind that you're actually wasting time… so you might as well turn on the TV and watch one episode too.

Before you know it you’ll have the whole day planned out just perfectly without that blog post even on your list.

Just like I mentioned in the previous point, some writers will have a blog idea board or list so when the time comes to write it’s stress-free and a whole lot simpler.

One of the EASIEST ways to start producing great blog posts in a short amount of time is to create a list of them. It’s really as simple as sitting down and writing out 15 headlines right off the top of your head. Heck, you might even have 30 or 40 once the blood starts flowing!

The fact is that the mind works better with specific solitary tasks. Creating a “grocery list” worth of ideas is a solitary task. Creating one great blog post from your list is another solitary task.

This allows you to make a positive shift away from multitasking with writing and repeating the creative process of post ideas. Which ultimately leads you to become a more productive writer.

#7 – Get inspired by others' ideas and posts

Pat flynn has got an incredible blog. He writes probably some of the best content that's out there when it comes to creating smart passive income. The only problem there is is that it's all from his perspective. That means Pat is sharing all the ideas that has lead him to success.

Now without a doubt those ideas of his can help you. But think about it. Is his perspective ALL that there needs to be said about the topic? Does every individual on the face of the planet ‘get' what he is saying? No there are thousands of people who will have their a-ha moment when someone else talks about the subjects and concepts. Just because it's already been said once, doesn't mean you can't borrow it, bulk it up and help more readers. Just be ethical about the whole thing.

So…what do you think? Do these 7 ways seem effective to you? What hacks do you use to get around writer's block. Let me know in the comments. I'm all ears. 🙂



These are the EXACT same steps I used to 10x businesses just like yours and generate new customers on autopilot!

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed, no messin' around!