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Let’s face it! There’s simply not enough time in the day for anyone BUT stay-at-home moms have it the worst.

The list of tasks that are handled regularly by any stay-at-home mom puts the average business owner to shame. To keep her household running smoothly, she must juggle the talents of many professionals from accountant and caterer to hospitality manager and educator.

And if she has more than one kid, you can be sure that she is also an experienced diplomat and negotiator.

Generally, kids take their stay-at-home mom’s management skills for granted. Some may not appreciate how awesome their mom really is, until they leave their haven and have to learn to manage households and eventually kids of their own (boy are they in for a suprise 😉 ).

My lovely Mom: 


Like all children, I was mostly oblivious to my mom’s ability to run a tight ship. I always had clean clothes when I needed them. There was ALWAYS good food to eat and if I was stuck on something there was my mom to help me with my homework.

It just didn’t occur to me how much time and effort went into keeping everything on track.

Today looking back I can see that as a young mother my mom had very little support.

She had no friends or relatives to pop in for some mom-time.

No doting grandmother to take us away for the day to give mom a break. And mom and dad were struggling financially at the time, so there was no money for the occasional babysitter and well deserved night out.

Finally one day, she reached the end of her rope. She lay down on the sofa and cried and cried.

On any other day, my three-year-old self might have been decorating the wallpaper with crayons or pulling all the freshly washed clothes through the backyard pretending I was a train driver.

But this day, something about this startling event must have registered as out of the ordinary because instead of wreaking more havoc I wanted to make mom better.

I’d gone to the bathroom and pulled a chair up to the sink and filled a sippy cup full of water. When my mom’s sobs subsided and she finally opened her eyes, she saw me quietly standing there holding out the cup for her.

That's when she started crying again. “Happy tears this time,” she says when she tells me the story today.

Now that mom has the opportunity to take it easy, she likes nothing better than playing around on the internet. She loves Pinterest for the crazy homemakers' hacks and has a handful of mom blogs she visits regularly to find and share tips.

“I wish I'd had sites like these when I was trying to raise you”, she says. “I would have been less lonely and I would have gotten great advice.”

 7 great ideas for stay-at-home moms. Make money online, from home. Guide to make money from home, special for moms. By Kevin Charlie, blogging expert

Blogs for Moms by Moms

When she said that, BOOM! I realised SO many moms use the internet to get tips and advice on everything from recipes and child-raising to knitting, gardening and lifestyle hacks of every possible description.

I have a friend who religiously followed instructions on a blog in order to build her son a computer from scratch.

But at the same time, there are stay-at-home moms out there with all this knowledge to share. Like my mom back in the day, they may be struggling financially and don't have the slightest inkling that there are ways to make money from a mom blog.

Of course, there is more to it than just throwing up up a new site but that's where I step in to help you out. My sole mission is to help you start a profitable blog, step-by-step. I have a bunch of amazing freebies dotting my website that you can download right away.



But in case you need a little coaxing, here are 7 totally fantastic channels of income that your mom blog can open up for you!!

#1 – Selling EBooks

EBooks will never lose their appeal and popularity.

There’s nothing better than finding all the information you were looking for in one convenient place. Many mom bloggers sell eBooks on Amazon or even directly from their site with simple tools, netting up to $100 per sale. 

Ebooks given away as freebies are also an incredible way to start building your email list, which is the first important step to earning great money online.

You’ll be able to build a huge community of wonderful people who love and trust you.

Once you nail that down, new revenue generation doors will start to open and you will be well on your way to producing great income from the comfort of your couch…(did I mention pajamas included!? :D)


Courses are the #1 way to earn extra income online (selling for as much as $200 to $2,000 each), and blogging is the surefire way to create awareness about it.

Did You Know: The online course industry is already a whopping 107 billion dollars big! You MUST take a slice out of this gigantic pie.

Build your community and excite them into talking! Ask your readers smart questions about what they really want. You’ll find that most of the time it’s what you’re already talking about or helping others with. 

And the reason why courses are such a big hit is because while coaching rocks, courses are even better. You're no longer trading your time for money (meaning you spend a lot of time up front and the money starts to roll in passively with little maintenance from then on!).

People sign up for your course and gain immediate access to your training videos.

This is a huge one to look into once you become the next popular blogger!

#3 – Affiliate Marketing (Recommending Products You Use and Love)

Let’s face it, affiliate marketing (people recommending you products) has gotten a bad rep. Many people have abused it over the years, coming off as sleazy salesmen shamelessly pushing anything they can think of to earn a quick buck.

But there is a way to do affiliate marketing right: 

  • Recommend products you have tried and absolutely LOVED 
  • Build trust first by sharing content, tips and strategies that work 
  • Call it like it is! Be upfront about the fact that affiliate links earn you a small commission. Most of the time your peeps are glad to have your expert opinion and won't mind the fact that you make something at all.In fact they will love you for making their lives easier and sparing them the hours of research.

Cherry on the cake? Many products pay out $60-100 per person that signs-up, and have 30% recurring revenue every month! (BOOM!)

#4 – Sponsored/Paid Posts

Imagine Kim Kardashian talking about her favorite makeup. It’s almost natural for her, and the makeup lines love to throw money at her for it. It’s actually very common and in many markets moms like you have a HUGE advantage because YOU hold such a large influence.

Once you get your blog up and running, and it starts growing you will find many takers for your market recognition. These paid sponsors will gladly reimburse you for the time you spend reviewing their products. 

And your readers will  love hearing (or reading) your opinion about the hot, new stuff that they are itching to try. This is where trust is so important. What you say will sell if your tribe knows you got its back. 

#5 – Build An Email List

The money is in converting the list! And to convert, you need to grow a list first. 

Building an email list could be as simple as trading your latest eBook for emails. There are many ways to collect your readers’ emails without being intrusive at all. People are eager to join your list because it’s more intimate and they already love you!

Receiving a personal email from one of your favorite bloggers is a treat. And when you control the list (instead of Facebook or Twitter who own your social media followings), you are one step closer to building a long-term thriving business with your blog!

One key benefit of owning your own list of readers is that whenever you create something new like an eBook (#1) or Online Course (#2), you can launch it to them and they will buy! These people have faith in you, appreciate the time you put into creating content for them and most importantly find your knowledge useful. When you build it, they will buy it!

#6 – Sell Coaching and Consulting Services

There is no expert fairy and trust me! FACT: You often overlook your most valued skills because they come so naturally to you!

Well get this, a blog is one of the best ways to sell coaching services. This could be any type of experience you possess that others might be interested in learning about. When you write blog posts and share bits and pieces of your expert knowledge, people become intrigued, impressed and they long to learn more!

Your readers will beg you to teach them the tricks of the trade – be it ANY trade! 

It’s simple to set-up a coaching form on your blog, and start collecting clients from all over the world who are more than willing to pay you for sessions over Skype.

For clients who live closer to you, you can offer phone or even in-person consultations.

You can take it one step further and sell consulting packages. For example, you can sell 4 hours at a time and make an even larger profit. And you can bump up your prices by creating custom packages (hourly calls + another service or product) that benefit both you and your clients!

#7 – Creating Memberships

Membership sections of blogs are a relatively new idea but they work beautifully. Imagine having recurring, predictable revenue from your blog every single month!

Creating paid memberships is one of the most terrific ways to grow and maintain a hefty, consistent income from blogging.

Membership sections can be a separate dashboard, which a designer can build for you. Your content will then be restricted to readers who pay the exclusive membership fee. 

On one hand your readers will cherish the VIP treatment and being in on the gang. And on the other you will need to do the same volume of work for 5000 members as you would for 5. Exponential leverage!!

Got any questions? Comments? Insights? I’m all ears! Let’s Get to Know Each Other Better.


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These are the EXACT same steps I used to 10x businesses just like yours and generate new customers on autopilot!

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed, no messin' around!