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So I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you.

Which do you want to hear first?

Just kidding, you don’t get to choose. The bad news always comes first.

The bad news is that Facebook is collecting all your personal data. Your name, your age, your birth date, your job, your family, your interests, even your political affiliation (regardless of whether or not you’ve already claimed it on your profile).

Websites you’ve visited, things you’ve bought, Pages you’ve searched for and liked, ads you’ve clicked, and more.

It keeps all of this information on you in their database.

But what’s the good news?

They’re also collecting all of this personal data on your customers, too.

And there has never been a better (or cheaper tbh) time in history to scale your business, get direct measurable results, and a high ROI (return on investment) with Facebook ads.

And it’s something that we do particularly well.

And it’s been a goal of ours to help local businesses 10x their bottom line and literally 3-5x their investment when they choose us to help their businesses grow.

There’s never been a better time. And there may never be another opportunity as ripe as this one.

So with the cat out of the bag, how can we create a Facebook ad that works specifically for you?

There are several different types of Facebook ads, and five types of targeting that we use to get our clients exponentially more customer opportunities each and every month. And we want to go over those with you!

Facebook Messenger Ads

One of my absolute favorite ad types is the Facebook Messenger ad. You can use this in a few different ways, but the end goal is the same: getting someone to Facebook message your business.

This is especially powerful if you have a Messenger Bot set up that can automate FAQ, lead your new person through your funnel, and even make sales for you.

The main feature of a Facebook Messenger ad is that the call to action within the small button at the bottom right of your ad will say Send Message, and when clicked, it will lead visitors directly to your Page’s chat box.

Canvas Ads

Canvas ads are mobile-only, full-screen, interactive ads that can actually do a ton of different things. These are probably one of Facebook’s coolest ad types to date. You can give your audience a virtual tour of your business, allow them to compare products, and so much more.

I highly recommend you take the time to play around with this ad type and all of the different things you can do with it. They convert extremely well, and actually have seen a crazy high view time — around 30 seconds, which is pretty much an eternity in the digital world.

Lead Ads

A lead ad is an ad specifically meant to collect email addresses. You could potentially use this to promote your lead magnets, but the biggest issue is that in these types of ads, Facebook collects the data within a file, and when the ad is finished running (or periodically through the runtime), you can download the CSV and manually upload it to your email marketing platform.

This means that any automations you have aren’t really…automated, because it’s still requiring you to take some kind of action.

IMO, you’re better off just leading your audience to a landing page in a typical awareness ad and getting their information there.

Video Ads

Hey, this is an easy one! What do you think goes in this ad type?

A video, maybe??

Okay, yes, obviously.

These ad types are great to use because Facebook knows that people love video, so they are cheaper per impression than some other ad types.

Boosted Posts

You’ve probably heard of this one before, right? It’s kind of like your intro to Facebook ads. You post content on your Facebook Page, but because only about 2% or so at this point of your followers see that content, you pay to give the post a little boost so that more people will see it.

You can boost posts to only the people who like your Page, the people who like your Page and their friends, or a completely custom audience that you create.

I definitely recommend always creating your own audience.

Carousel Ads

This is a great way to feature several different product or service photos at once.

You can also get a little more creative and use it to feature images, services, or aspects of your business that can’t fit into a single image, as the user scrolls through several images within the carousel.

Offer Ads

These ad types are great for offering an initial discount or special service to new customers. Facebook allows you to highlight a new offer for your audience within this ad, like a 20% off coupon, free initial visit, and more.

You can easily turn this feature on within your ad (by clicking the ON/OFF toggle seen below) when creating a regular traffic ad and send viewers to your website to buy or your contact page to set up an appointment.

Local Awareness Ads

Do you have a local business that only caters to people within your community? You can still utilize the power of Facebook advertising!

Facebook has incredibly valuable location targeting so that you can set up a specific geofence around your local community and within the city (or cities) that you’re able to serve and only show ads to people who live within those locations.

This way you’re utilizing digital advertising to get new eyes on your local business, but only the eyes that matter: those in your geographical area.

Those are a few of the most popular ad types you can create for your business and what their purposes are. But what we really want to talk about it how you’re going to use those ads, who you’re going to target, and how you’re going to generate new customer opportunities again and again.

There are five different targeting types: current customers, future customers, target customers, potential customers, and past customers.

Most businesses have a pretty good understanding of who their current customers are. After all, those are the people currently buying from you, right?

But you’ve already got those people. And yes, you want customer retention to be a part of your strategy, but it’s only 1/5 of the whole puzzle.

You also need to focus on the future customers that you want to bring in. As well as your past customers to see if you can get them back through the door.

So let’s talk about targeting each of these audiences, why they’re important, how they’re different (because I know you’re all wondering how on earth future, potential, and target customers are three different audiences), and how this ad targeting is going to exponentially grow your business.

Current Customers

Basically, you want to target the people who are already buying from you with ads about new releases, ongoing promotions, or simply a reminder that you exist for the next time they need your product/service.

You can do this a few different ways.

You can create an ad that targets only the people who already like your Facebook Page. This can even be a fun way to get new Page likes, especially if you tease the fact that you offer these people special discounts and prizes.

Running an ad with an offer that only targets people who like your Page is a great way to reward them, and a lot of them likely are current customers of yours.

You can also run an ad targeting the people you have in your database as customers if you have their email addresses to show ads directly to your current customers.

Potential Customers

Your potential customers are the people who have already shown that they are interested in buying from you, whether it’s because they’ve signed up for your email list, they’ve entered your store, or they’ve viewed a product or service page.

And the way you’re going to be targeting these people is through a retargeting campaign.

You should have a pixel that you get from Facebook implemented within the header tags of your website, and that’s how the advertising platform is able to track who has visited your website and what pages they’ve navigated to.

You can also see who has viewed which product or service pages, and even which viewers have taken every step except the actual purchase (i.e., adding something to their cart).

Then, you can use this pixel to target those people and place ads in front of them reminding them of their almost purchase.

Maybe you put the same product or service in front of them so they can easily click back to it and complete the purchase, or maybe you utilize a traffic or brand awareness ad to simply stay top of mind. You can also create a fun ad saying something like, “Hey, are you forgetting something?” and linking to the cart page of your website.

Target Customers

This is a little bit more specialized than your potential customers or your future customers. Your target customer is like your ideal customer. This goes back to your customer avatar.

Who is your dream client? What do they do? How much do they make? What do they like, dislike? Where do they live? How many people are in their family? Are they single, married?

It’s literally answering hyper-specific questions like this and finding your dream client, your target audience.

So go to this blog post to create your customer avatar so that you know who, specifically, you’re targeting. Then use every single one of those demographics, behaviors, interests, etc., to create a Facebook advertising audience for your target customers.

Those are the people that you really want to serve. The ones that are really going to understand who you are, what you do, and they’re going to help you help them.

Future Customers

Now, your future customers. This is going to be much more generic than potential or target customers.

This group is literally everyone who could ever need your product or service. They just don’t know about your business yet.

There are multiple ways to find this target audience and input it on Facebook. First, you can create an audience similar to your current audience, but exclude people who already like your Facebook Page.

You can also create what’s called a Lookalike Audience.

This is going to go back to that pixel you should have implemented within the header tag of your website. Remember how it tracks the data of the people who have visited your website? It houses all of this seriously valuable information, and then allows you to create an audience full of people who have the exact same characteristics, demographics, behaviors, and interests of the people who visited your website, but they don’t know about your business yet.

So it’s like this crazy goldmine of people out there who are super similar to the ones already browsing your website, buying from you, and interested in your stuff, but haven’t heard of you yet.

So you can create this lookalike audience of future customers and put your business directly in front of them.

Past Customers

And finally, we’ve got your past customers. The ones who haven’t bought from you for awhile, but you’d (obviously) love to get their business back.

A popping in to say hi, “remember me?” kind of ad.

You can create one of these by targeting customers in your database who haven’t bought from you within a certain time period, like a year or so. It’s a great way to provide a digital check in.

Something like, “When was the last time you had a chiropractic adjustment?” or “Has it been awhile since you’ve had a teeth cleaning?”

Maybe they’ve moved onto a different business, or maybe it’s just been awhile since they’ve remembered to schedule an appointment, but either way, creating an ad targeted specifically for past customers can be a great kick in the pants to get them buying from you again.

So there you have it. Our favorite ad types, and the five audiences you should be targeting in order to generate new leads and customer opportunities month after month.

And if you’re looking for other ways to grow your business, download my 5 steps to 10x-ing your biz today by clicking the banner below!



These are the EXACT same steps I used to 10x businesses just like yours and generate new customers on autopilot!

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed, no messin' around!