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For us bloggers out there, we know exactly how much work and how many steps can go into creating that perfect piece of valuable content!

And you also know how many hats you have to wear to get that done.You’re the content creator, editor, marketer, SEO specialist, and more!

But what if your content isn't up to your standards? What if it's not getting shared as much as you'd like it to? What if you could have a checklist planner to make sure nothing gets missed?

And most importantly, what if you could tremendously grow your blog WITHOUT adding any more of your time to creating each blog post?

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Today, we're making an exclusion. Because I'm going to show you exactly how AND give you all the tools you could need to map out success with your very next blog post!

Before and after you hit publish, you need to be sure you are doing this 19 things. Follow my planner to grow your blog. Download it now, for free! Kevin Charlie, Entrepreneur.

In this blog post, I'm going to share with you the exact 19 things you need to do before and after you HIT publish!

Now I know this sounds like a lot! And it is. But trust me, a lot of these tasks you can implement with just a few extra minutes before hitting that big publish button. Plus I know that doesn't scare you because you're an absolute blogging ROCKSTAR! You wouldn't be here if you were afraid of work, and it doesn't scare you one bit!

But stick with me on this one, because I am about to give you some powerful tools + tips that are actually going to reduce the time (in the long run) you spend on creating each piece of content.

And remember, a lot of these steps only require a few extra minutes to each blog post, so if you're going to be doing the work anyways why not make this over the top? Ya hear me? Good! 😉

Fun reminder: There's also an actionable planner you can download throughout this post, so you can check off each part as you write your next post? You can either print it out or type in the fillable sections (don't forget to click save)! Woohoo!

Before and after you hit publish, you need to be sure you are doing this 19 things. Follow my planner to grow your blog. Download it now, for free! Kevin Charlie, Entrepreneur.



Anyone here who enjoys spending an hour writing a blog post just to realize the crickets are cheering you on? Nope! Didn't think so…

No one likes wasting their time, and even better my goal is to save you some of it! And the way we do that via Buzzsumo.

But Kevin, how do you know what people want to read before you begin?

Well, first I lick my finger…and then, KIDDING!! Almost had you for a second, huh? 😉 The best way to know if someone is interested in what you're about to write about is through social proof! Using Buzzsumo's free trial, simply type in the competitors URL and get a complete list of all pages ranked the highest by social share numbers. BOOM!

And not only that, just check out their blog posts and see which get the most shares on social media. I mean, if someone went out of the way to share something with all their most trusted friends, it has to be good, right?!

Step #1 – Type in your blog topic or keyword phrase you'd like to write your post about.

Step #2 – Simply look at which posts are most shared on social media.

VOILA! You can even make a list of your most talented competitors as you'll see them come up time and time again. Even better, study their blog post and try and determine why it did so well.

Did it have an awesome freebie packaged with it? Was it straight gold & super value? Did it have actionable steps that actually work (check out the comments)? Maybe it was brief and to the point with an awesome video attached?

Take notes! Because success is just around the corner for you, my friend!


So we all know how this game works. You sit in front of the computer braindstorming the perfect blog title for years on end… FOUND IT! Wait for it… nope. But we were close, right? 😉

Well, we play it a little different here. Want the perfect blog title with ease? Check out this awesome post by CoSchedule!

And before that check out their awesome Blog Post Headline Analyzer thingy (it's free).

Now, this is how we play here… no guesswork or ambiguity. Simply type in your blog post title (I imagine you have more than one) and out comes a very comprehensible score (86/100 for example) that you can't mess up.

Not only that, but it will educate you about what power words (verbs) are and how you should use, how many characters the perfect headline is and more! Did I mention it's fun, too?

Headline… check! 😉


You shouldn't have to hand out a box of Tums with every blog post you publish. People will straight up check out if you give them a brick wall of text to fumble through. Keep your paragraphs to 4-5 lines tops and don't overdo it!

I cannot even begin to tell you how important this is. Imagine nailing down your headline only to have the troves of readers say “peace out” in search of something else that'll maintain their reader's sanity.

Remember, most readers will scan the article before and determine whether they'll invest their time BEFORE beginning to read. By dividing your text up into smaller sections and headlines, you are gifting the feeling of traction to the reader as they go. They'll feel like a million bucks as they enjoy your post at a great pace!

So if you're using big blocks of text without headlines or breaks, you will make it hard for the reader to understand what your post is even about.


What do I mean by repurposing content? Simply adding links to past posts in your new post.

There's nothing better to quench the reader's thirst by linking to a past blog post that will help the reader dig deeper. Not only will your reader be happy you did it, but there are two BIG reasons your actual blog will love you for it:

  • Reason #1: Keeps the reader on your site longer, which is SEO juice.
  • Reason #2: Super helpful to the reader, which increases the perceived value of your blog.

ACTION STEP: Go through your existing posts… where could you link past related content?


A great call-to-action (CTA) will literally explode your blog's growth. CTA's have begun to grow in popularity over the past few years in social media. But there's no reason your blog shouldn't get some of that lovin' too!

Plus, one of the best parts of publishing that bad boy of a blog post is to see the comments roll in. And the number one way to do this is to ask! A total no-brainer, right?! But I can't even begin to tell you how many blogs don't take advantage of the simple questions, “Anything you'd add to this list? Anything you're going to try? Let's hear it!”

Your question could be the thing pushing them off the fence to take action, also to hear their interesting perspective that might help you shape your next product and to start building relationships with your following,

I mean, that's the whole goal, right? Let's do it!

KC TIP: A following that trusts you is a following that pays you.


*silent alarm triggered*

Now I know I just said, “design.” Don't panic yet, this is actually going to be the most fun step of all. And that's because I'm going to do it for you. Well, I'll stand over your shoulder and show you exactly how.

In this blog post, I'll teach you EXACTLY how I design the gorgeous images I use for my blogs. Did I mention this training is FREE? ….BOOOOOOOM!

I'm imagining all your jaws dropping right now. ;D

Okay, okay maybe I am just a little full of myself. But that's because I am super proud (and spent a lot of time) designing the perfect guide to creating on-brand, Pinterest ready graphics that will literally rock you (and your competitions) world!

BTW, if you haven't clicked here to get your freebie yet, do it now!

What do I mean by “on-brand”? I mean creating blog images that fit with your blog's theme, personality, and audience. And I am going to teach you how to design a template so all you have to do is swap out the title text and image…easy peasy! Do all the work once and you are done! Doesn't get any better than that.


The reason? A majority of themes will attach this “alt text” to the description of your blog post when they share it on social media. Pinterest is no exclusion, and a pin with a powerful description is the difference between someone choosing your blog over a competitor. So let's get this right!

KC TIP: Descriptions can be especially powerful when you add keywords, persuasive copy, and a call to action at the end!

Here is exactly how to do this in a few easy steps:

#8: SEO IT UP!

You've had your first of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and your dying for more right?? Well.. probably not, but it's my job to convince ya just how important SEO can be, alright? 😉

SEO is an absolute must do and I want you to start right now. Think of it like saving for retirement, heck we could put this off forever, right? But we all know how important making that small investment now is, so it can pay off in dividends later. SEO is no different!

if you're on WordPress, I highly recommend downloading SEO Yoast. They have done an excellent job at simplifying SEO so anyone can get started.

With the right SEO, your blog and income will grow tremendously. Giving you the opportunity to thrive in the search engines, sending lots of juicy organic traffic your way!


Now there are lots of ways to do this. I swear every blogger out there will give you a different strategy to proof your work (editing your blog before you click publish). The important thing to remember is that you do it.

DO NOT shortcut this step and click publish before giving it a second run through.

I like to give myself a whole 24 hours before clicking the button to publish. Another option could be to give your post to a spouse or friend to give it a read. (they love you right? ;).

KC TIP: If you enjoy typing your blogs up in Google Docs, use something like Wordable to automatically draft your post to your blog to WordPress.


Outsourcing can appear intimidating, especially at first. And if you feel that way, you're in the right place.

I want to challenge you to become self-aware as you go through these motions. What aren't you good at? What makes you want to grind your teeth?

And choose ONE of these tasks to outsource. Maybe it's asking a friend for help, or your spouse. Money is not allowed to be an excuse right now. Besides that, its never been EASIER to get help. Hiring a virtual assistant on a platform like Upwork (what I personally use) is extremely cheap.

And if you can outsource the $5 or $10 tasks that aren't making you any money, this allows you to focus in on that $1,000 task that's holding you back from becoming profitable with your blog. #wisdom



Without a doubt, Pinterest has become one of the most powerful tools bloggers have today.

And guess what, you are all setup to be a Pinterest Rockstar now. Remember when you setup your “alt text” in the video above (step #7)?

Now simply pin that bad boy to Pinterest and your good to go. You can see mine here titled, “Kevin Charlie | Entrepreneur + Blogging Tips”.

Of course, I highly recommend pinning all your blog posts to one dedicated board. With all your pins on one designated board, over the next couple of days, pins them to other relevant boards along with a few pins from other sources.

If you'd like to learn more about setting up your own pin board with specially designed pins, grab your guide here!


Similarly, you can seek out group boards to join (to expand your reach) and pin your heart out! Following the group board rules, of course! Now you can pin your blog posts manually to these boards. But heck, I know you want to set something up once and be done with it, right?

Good! Because I am going to teach how I've put my entire Pinterest marketing on autopilot.

First things first, there's plenty of scheduling tools out there (CoSchedule, Buffer, etc.) but we want more!

This is where Boardbooster and Tailwind jump in.

With these tools, you can easily schedule your pins from your board to be posted all over Pinterest. Even inside the communities within Tailwind called “tribes”. We'll queue as many pins as we like and watch the clicks come raining in!

By the end of this step, you should now see your pins on at least 5-10 different boards. This will give your first image a greater chance to be seen by an even wider audience.

And don't worry, Pinterest has a smart algorithm and will tune out repeats in users feeds so they won't see any duplicates.

And we're just getting started!


A tool that I personally use (and makes the previous step look like a featherweight) is MeetEdgar.

Allow me to lay out some great options when it comes to promoting on social media:

That aside, you can even get fancy and create images specifically designed for Facebook and Twitter. Canva has everything you could possibly need to get started there, starting with perfectly sized templates to remove any fears.

You can also discover all the social media image sizes right here.


While Twitter has been steadily improving its newsfeed algorism. It's still very difficult for your post to be seen. I recommend using a scheduling tool to post multiple times throughout the day. Focus on getting your followers to comment on your tweets. When Twitters algorithm sees engagement on your posts, you will be given priority in the newsfeed.

KC TIP: Leap ahead of the competition by making your CTAs fish for comments.


BREAKING NEWS: Facebook live is now one of the most powerful tools to engage with your audience.

Influencers by the hoards are designing video studios just for this. Still wondering what the heck this is? Facebook live is a video platform, where you can record yourself speaking live while your audience leaves comments while you're talking.

Not sure what to talk about? Once you have your blog post content written and good to go, you've got your script!

KC TIP: Using your past posts as scripts for Facebook live is an excellent way to repurpose old content.

It's as simple as that. And the great thing about Facebook live is you can reach an entirely different part of your community. Say part of your following enjoys consuming your blog posts, while others may enjoy a video.

With much experience in video and Facebook live sessions myself, I highly recommend starting with a word for word script. Don't stress yourself out! Then move to a solid bullet point list and speak more ‘off the cuff'. Honestly, if you're scared. You are not alone, I was a baby (like crying frustrated) when I first started.

You would be shocked to learn how great you will become with time and experience (it can be seriously freeing).

Before and after you hit publish, you need to be sure you are doing this 19 things. Follow my planner to grow your blog. Download it now, for free! Kevin Charlie, Entrepreneur.


Whether it's engaging followers on your social media posts, direct messages or replying to your blog post comments. Show your presence. There are too many blogs and businesses out there that post their content like it's something to check off on a list. Get personal, get engaged with your following.

Responding to comments is a great way to build relationships, create a tribe and turn those raving fans into customers for life!


As soon as possible, integrate your blog website to Google Analytics. Not sure how? Learn how to by clicking here. Not a tech guru? No problem. I'm not either and this is where my recommendation for hiring a Virtual Assistant from Upwork can pay off big time.

Eliminate the overwhelm fast and pay someone $10 bucks to get you up and running quickly so you can focus on the things that only YOU can do! I'm giving you permission right now. 😉

That being said, it's important to check your Google Analytics once a month so you can judge what's doing well. You can easily check which blog post is getting the most views. While you're at it, check which is getting the most comments, too!

Use this info to discover what's most popular to your audience. Double down on that and craft the perfect content creation schedule to grow your blog FAST, my friend.


What the heck is a looper, Kevin? Looping is literally automation and becoming ever more popular on Pinterest.

It allows you to create a secret board, fill it with tons of content and have these pins automatically pinned in any board you like!

Get where we're going here?? 😉

That's right, automatically post to your group boards, THROW YOUR ENTIRE PINTEREST ON AUTOPILOT! Done properly, you can eliminate the repetitious tasks of Pinterest, and grow your blog faster than you ever imagined possible.


Similarly, with this final point… I want to challenge you to keep an eye out for ANY task that can be put on autopilot. Don't worry if nothing's come to mind yet. These ideas will appear weeks down the road as you discover ways to remove yourself from the picture to focus on the bigger things.

This one step can be the biggest game changer for the growth of your blog. And as combine both outsourcing and automation, you can create a fine tuned machine that gives you your time back, grows your blog immensely, and boosts your income beyond your imagination.

Want to create powerful systems for your blog and steal your time back? I've got the perfect post and freebie for you right here.

Before and after you hit publish, you need to be sure you are doing this 19 things. Follow my planner to grow your blog. Download it now, for free! Kevin Charlie, Entrepreneur.

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