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Everyone starts at zero. Even the people who are currently at the top of the Google search results started at zero. No email list, no website traffic, no social media followers.


It’s easy to feel down about where your competition is when you’ve got 7 people on your email list and your only website visitors are your mom and her book club. But they were once exactly where you are now.

And I was there, too. But by implementing the exact strategies I’m going to walk you through today, I was able to double my email list—not just once, but over and over and over again.

Don’t be passive about growing your email list. Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner has stated that “email is the most important channel for you to cultivate in your online business.” And he’s right.

Your email list is contact information and data that you own. If you’re putting all your eggs into a basket like Facebook or Twitter, you’re risking losing out big if something were to happen and that platform were to go under. You’ve lost every single one of those followers.

But if you put in the effort to grow your email list, which is filled with way more qualified leads than your Twitter following, you’re building a strong foundation of potential customers for your business.

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Check out the episode below:

If you’re still stuck at 7 email subscribers, or if you simply haven’t ramped up your email list building yet, let’s dive into these 13 insanely actionable email list strategies to exponentially grow your list.

1. Create multiple lead magnets.

A lead magnet is some sort of incentive that you can give away in exchange for an email address. It’s the perfect way to get started in your list building.

However, you don’t want to rely on one single lead magnet for all of your opt-ins. Instead, you should create 3-4 different lead magnets, one for each blog topic category in your business. This way you’ve got valuable information to cover every aspect of your content that you can exchange for an email address.

This is a great way to test different lead magnets and different opt-in places throughout your website. Once you find your sweet spot, though, keep that lead magnet! Meaning, find the opt-in that converts the best and let it be.

These lead magnets can be used as content upgrades, your home page lead magnet, lead magnets that your social ads lead to, and more. And if you have a different lead magnet for each category of your business, you can use that as your content upgrade for blog topics relating to the corresponding category!

Graphic for a free guide to email list building and email marketing

2. Add content upgrades to old and popular posts.

As a beginner blogger, I lost so many new email subscribers with the silliest mistake. I wasn’t using my blog posts to convert leads!

Just like I mentioned earlier, it’s smart to have 3-4 different lead magnets for your website. You want to have at least one for each different category or topic you cover on your blog. If you notice throughout my own blog posts, we try to create a different content upgrade for each new blog post we publish.

But that can be a lot of work. If that’s not the strategy you want to take, create 1-2 different lead magnets for each of your content categories and share them with each pertinent blog post.

Now, I didn’t realize just how essential this was when I started my blog. But then I discovered that one of my blog posts had gone viral and was receiving nearly 10x the traffic of any other blog post, so I decided to test something. I linked one of my best converting freebies to it as a content upgrade.

And it changed my whole business. Putting together a popular blog post with a well-converting freebie exploded my email list.

GIF of a guy saying "boom" talking about email list building

Moral of the story: Keep an eye on what’s converting and don’t lose out on those free email subscribers. And if you haven’t been adding content upgrades to your blog posts, make sure you go back to your most popular content and do so!

3. Switch up your call to action button copy.

On each one of your opt-ins, you have a text field for an email address (and maybe a first name as well) and a submit button. And your submit button probably says something really boring like “Sign Up” or, well, “Submit.”

Well am I wrong?

Try switching up that call to action button copy to something with a little more pizzazz. How can you spice it up?

Maybe use a “Gimme It” or a “Heck Yesssss” or an “I Need Dis” in place of that boring old “Sign Up Now.”

4. Create a welcome gate.

We just talked about these in last week’s post on using your website for lead generation, but these can be seriously awesome converters. Mostly because it’s literally the only thing people are able to see when they first get to your site.

In fact, these have a 10-25% conversion rate. It just doesn’t get better than that.

But because it can be a slight annoyance to someone ready to read your blog content, you want to make sure you use this sparingly.

Like, say, if you have a huuuuuuge launch coming up, or you’re really ramping up for something big and you’re trying to grow your email list in preparation, or you’re brand new to list building and you want to generate your initial list.

5. Create a landing page.

Using a tool like Leadpages (aff link), create a separate landing page for each of your opt-ins to share on social media and promote using social advertising.

A good landing page has compelling sales copy for why someone should download your freebie and what they can expect, a graphic teasing the download, and an opt-in form above the fold (visible before the user scrolls down).

Share these landing pages on each of your social platforms, create Pinterest graphics for them, and dedicate an ad spend for Facebook Ads and Promoted Pins.

6. Create a Twitter card.

If you head over to, you can access all sorts of great tools. One of those are Twitter cards.

Twitter used to have this really cool option to create lead generation cards that allowed you to collect signups right from your feed. Although that isn’t an option anymore (gee, thanks, Twitter), you can still create a website card to promote your landing page.

This is helpful for landing page software that doesn’t have meta titles and descriptions that auto-populate into website cards on the app.

You can turn these cards into Promoted Tweets or tweet them organically to generate new leads.

7. Switch to a single opt-in.

You have two options when someone new signs up for your email list: a single opt-in or a double opt-in.

A double opt-in is when someone submits their email address but has to click a link in an email they receive to confirm getting added to your list. It’s an additional step and can actually deter people who were acting on impulse when signing up from actually confirming and finalizing joining your list.

A single opt-in adds them to your list immediately after they submit their email address.

Some people will argue that with a single opt-in, users can put in fake or misspelled email addresses that can hurt your leads, but I would argue that a double opt-in creates too many steps and can deter new subscribers.

Plus, what if that “Confirmation Needed” email gets lost in spam? There goes a potential new customer, lost forever.

8. Turn commenters into email subscribers.

Do you get a lot of blog comments? That’s awesome that those people are following and engaging with your content, but if they’re not on your email list, they’re not fully engaged.

I like to use Disqus for blog comments, and it’s incredibly easy to turn your blog comments into email subscribers with this tool. It asks users who have just submitted a comment if they’d like to subscribe to updates to your blog.

If so, Disqus will send them automatic emails each time you publish a new blog post. You can go into your Disqus account before you send each newsletter to see if there are any new emails to export and add to your own email list!

9. Include 5+ opt-ins on every page.

At the very least, you should have opt-ins in your header, footer, sidebar, under each blog post, and in a pop-up or slide-in on your website.

If you take a look at my homepage, I have six different opt-in opportunities. They all have different copy and not all of them are even the same opt-in freebie. Each of your freebies or lead magnets are going to attract a different audience, so it’s important to cater to all of the people visiting your blog for different reasons.

Offering various places to sign up for your email list helps make it easy for subscribers to find and join your list.

10. Add an option to subscribe in your newsletter.

Are you sharing seriously awesome content in your newsletters? Encourage your subscribers to share it on Facebook or Twitter or forward it to a friend. Someone else might read it and want to subscribe. So you should add the option to subscribe to your newsletter in the footer of your newsletter!

Check out this example placed in the footer of a marketing email:

screenshot of example unsubscribe option for email marketing

This way you can ensure you’re not missing a single new email subscriber!

11. Add sign up calls to action on your social media.

Each of your social media platform allows you to place a link somewhere in your bio or on your page.

Some of them even allow more than one.

Take advantage of this link and include a sign up link to your newsletter. You have the ability to customize your Facebook call to action button that appears just below your cover photo, so consider adding one of your landing pages in there.

Kevin Charlie Graphic for unlimited access to professional marketing tips and blog strategies

You should also add a link to your landing page or sign up form in your Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest bios.

12. Talk about your newsletter, lead magnet, or landing page in your podcast.

If you don’t have a podcast in your business yet, I strongly recommend you look into it. As our attention spans get shorter and shorter, many internet users don’t want to sit and read long form content, or it takes them a really long time.

Some still do, but you should cater to all parts of your audience, including those who would rather listen to someone talk to them about the content in a podcast.

You don’t have to create a ton of extra content; instead, repurpose your blog or email content in your podcast.

Bu that’s not the whole point of this. In your podcast, you can and should tease your lead magnets and newsletter to your listeners. Make them want to subscribe to this awesome newsletter and download your valuable freebies.

Share the link to the opt-in or landing page in your show notes so your listeners can easily access it.

13. Include social proof on your landing pages.

One of the best ways to get people to trust you and your business is by including screenshots of social posts and testimonials of your audience talking you up. If other people love your content, that makes it even more likely that the potential new subscriber will, too! And it increases conversions.

If you don’t have any testimonials in your business yet, don’t be afraid to ask! Chat up repeat commenters and social followers to see if they would be willing to write a few sentences about how much they love and recommend your blog and business.

You should be working on building your email list yesterday. Start implementing these 13 strategies and watch the subscribers pour in.

Not sure which email marketing platform is going to be best for hosting all these new subscribers and sending them email? Download our cheat sheet on the best and worst email platforms to use. And if you’re using one of the worst? We definitely recommend you switch. 😉

Graphic for a free guide to email list building and email marketing



These are the EXACT same steps I used to 10x businesses just like yours and generate new customers on autopilot!

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed, no messin' around!