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Learn how to be a more productive blogger, Kevin Charlie, Entrepreneur #makemoneyblogging #productive #bloggershacks #bloggerstips #ownbusiness


Look, we all want to get more done with less time am I right?

Who wouldn’t mind that unexpected break to your favorite coffee shop because you realized you finished your tasks an hour early that day.

Or the peaceful walk around the neighborhood to gear down before getting back into the routine.

Or EVEN that well deserved ‘you time’ vegging out to your favorite Netflix original?

And what if I told you all these things (even those Netflix binges) could actually be good for you and your productivity?

I remember when I started out on my first online blog. All these people were bragging about working 60 hours a week, 10 hours days like it was something they were proud of.

Well, I will tell you right now I am a family man, and I wanted more out of my blog for less.

And if that’s something you wish for you (less work & more time with your fam), then you're in the right place!

Learn how to be a more productive blogger, Kevin Charlie, Entrepreneur #makemoneyblogging #productive #bloggershacks #bloggerstips #ownbusiness

#1 – Hang The Shiny Object Syndrome Out To Dry With The 80/20 Rule

Now because 8+ hours of sleep a day may not be an option for you, especially with the kiddos around. It’s time to take the Pareto 80/20 rule to the next level. We’re talking even 90/10 baby and it doesn’t stop there!

Now some of you may be asking, “Kevin, what the heck does 80/20 even mean?”

This means as bloggers (or soon to be bloggers) we must only focus on 20% of the activities, that will deliver us 80% of the results.

My 20% is list building, webinars, content creation (blogs, courses, etc) that I know will bring in the big bucks to keep the family afloat.

I still do test out new strategies (beware of the shiny object syndrome), but I only dedicate 20% of my time to the bottom 80% of activities. That means not chasing every single social media ‘ninja strategy’ that makes it's way onto the marketplace.


#2 – Work Less Hours Every Day

Now you might be thinking, “Kevin, you are going crazy! This is too far…”

Well, you’re exactly right, because every other guru out there is teaching you to work 10+ hours, you only need 4 hours of sleep… blah blah blah.

I am going to tell you your productivity drops drastically after working more than 8 hours every day. And a study by Flowtown shows that by working fewer hours every day, those hours that you DO work will be FAR more productive.

It’s like a sale, who doesn't want more for less??

#3 – Yes, You Are A Great Multitasker But Stop It Already

For productivity's sake, just stop it already! I know you are great at it. And many pride themselves in this developed skill. But if you want more for less on your blog, it’s time to put that horse out to pasture (it's working days are done)…

Another proven study, this time by Samsung. Believe it or not shows that you lose up to 40%, UP TO 40% of your productivity if you multitask.

Now I want you to focus on the word “focus” for a minute. 😉 And we are going to take this up a level while I share with you the secret to my blogging success.


Yes, that one word is ‘batching’.

I break my day up into hours (and often lose track of time in a good way) looking for blog post images that I know will beautify my blogs. Another example could be blog post research with BuzzSumo. Whether you are looking for keywords or batching your next blog titles so they are ready to write. Batching will again give you more for less!

Helping you create a successful blog on your time or even in your free time.

#4 – Create A Workspace Next To Natural Lighting

This one was an absolute game changer for me. I used to write in the corner of my house, wall to wall and I actually noticed I was starting to get depressed. My work was just less exciting to do every day and I was growing unhappy.

GAME CHANGER: I moved my desk next to the patio sliding door and decorated my outdoors view with flowers and succulents. Guess what? I LOVE going to work every day and all that beauty is inspiring me to write this blog post tip, who knew??


#5 – Meditate Twice A Day for 10 Minutes

Meditation could simply be sitting still and not doing or thinking about anything. But for me, it looks like prayer.

There is nothing more peaceful to me on my 15-minute drive to the gym, then lifting my family up to the One who has blessed us with it all.

Now, meditation will never come to you without intentionality. I am telling you right now, too many people (myself once included) think meditating can be done with screen time. Now there’s a time and place for this, but I’m not letting you get away with that one today.

Be intentional and put that phone away for 10 minutes and tell me it doesn’t change everything for you. 😉

Happify revealed the results of a Harvard study that I guarantee will motivate you for some good ole’ meditation time.

#6 – Take A Peaceful Stroll Outside

A 10 to 20-minute walk has been proven scientifically to spur creativity and problem-solving skills. Really this could be done with any type of brief exercise, but walking is shown to have the least entry resistance (How about a run? …How about not! :P) and I can tell you my creativity goes wild after just a few minutes outside separating myself from the action.

#7 – Invest In Comfortable Ergonomic Chair

As a blogger, whether you like it or not we tend to sit for large portions of the day. There’s not another way to cut it, you will either be spending your money on health bills or a nice & comfortable ergonomic chair. Make the decision I wish I had made earlier. I recommend visiting your local office supplies depot store for a professional chair and testing a few out before making your purchase.

#8 – Be Sure To Sit Up Straight With Excellent Posture

This one can sound small, but it can be devastating to your productivity. Over the years I noticed my back started to ache and my neck started to hurt whenever I sat at my work desk.

It got so painful I couldn't stand it any longer. I stood up frustrated and walked out. I didn't know exactly what it was but I wasn't going to sit another minute in that pain. I discovered my monitor was too low, causing my head to be aiming down (a major problem with laptops too) and my chair’s back support was completely blown out.

How in the world had I not realized this before? But it was stopping me consistently because the pain got so bad every day I didn't want to work anymore. I purchased a computer screen stand raising my screen seven inches and purchased a new chair to make sure my posture was pristine!

Here is an excellent example from Mind Body Green to make sure you have the perfect posture procedure when you're working in front of you computer.

#9 – Sprint With The Pomodoro Technique

I use the Pomodoro Technique to get the most out of my sprints. The Pomodoro Methodology is to work in four sprints of 25 minutes each (with 5-minute breaks). And after the fourth sprint, you get to reward yourself with a fun 30-minute break.

Fedra Congressi has thrown together a super helpful infographic to create your first successful Pomodoro sprint.

Try using these 30-minute breaks to get out of your chair and go for a brief walk, and then do something rewarding and fun, whatever it may be. But do make sure get out of your work chair to help your creative mind reset and relax!

#10 – Silence Your Phone During Your Sprints

I tend to check my phone on my breaks so I don’t use a ‘Do Not Disturb' app, but these can be very helpful while curbing the habit to check your phone for every notification.

I place my phone on vibrate and out of reach my chair. This way I can still tell if I get a notification, but being out of reach psychologically turns into another reward I get to look forward to for finishing my sprint.

#11 – Never Leave Your Email Application Open

This goes for Skype too or any other means of communication with friends or members of your team. Emails should be checked only 3 times a day; morning, noon and evening. Any more than this will diminish your productivity and cause you to be working those ‘10 hour days’ to finish the same workload you'd accomplish with less.

The same Samsung study I mentioned earlier describes exactly how you can easily lose over 23% of your day with menial tasks. And trust me they will be ‘menial’ to you when you realize how much precious time they sap from you…

Just a few adjustments to your day could dramatically increase productivity and free up more precious time with your family. There’s no better reason than that to become more productive starting today.

Now, are you ready to get started on your first blog? Or just want to better master the blog you already have?




These are the EXACT same steps I used to 10x businesses just like yours and generate new customers on autopilot!

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed, no messin' around!