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Investing in education is important to me. That’s how we grow. That’s how my team grows. But there is literally nothing worse than buying a course on how to grow an audience with Facebook Ads that gives you absolutely zero actionable steps on how to do so.

It’s frustrating feeling like you’ve wasted your money on something that was supposed to help propel your business forward.

I looked and looked and realized that it was really difficult to find a compilation of actionable tips for growing your audience, or more specifically, for growing your Facebook group.

So I decided to do some serious testing and then put together my own list of seriously actionable tips for growing your Facebook group, which honestly could be translated into almost any type of community setting in this online world today.

Evergreen, baby! And you heard it first.

So you’ve created a Facebook group and you’ve got literally no one to join it. Or, at least, no one but your mom.

And you want to grow that Facebook group to use it as a lead generation tool for your business. That’s a very good idea, good job on being smart and savvy.

Just one thing. You can’t really generate any new leads from a Facebook group that doesn’t have any members, can you?

Yeah, I don’t think so either.

So let’s get to it and start talking about what you’re really here for: our 11 seriously actionable tips for growing your Facebook group from zero people to hundreds.

1. Use your featured photo section on your Facebook profile.

You know how you can add up to five different photos that live in the top left sidebar of your Facebook profile?

Take advantage of this for more than just pictures of you and your family, and instead use it to promote your services. Your profile links live directly underneath it, providing you with the perfect opportunity for a strategically placed call to action.

Like so:

Create your own graphic using Canva, upload it to Facebook, and select it as your only featured photo so that it stands out and grabs attention.

2. Include buzzwords in your group name.

People start out their search for groups they’re interested in by typing keywords into the Facebook search bar.

But Facebook’s search results aren’t really all that smart, so it only shows them groups with that specific keyword actually in the name of the group.

So make sure to include a keyword or two in your group name if possible so that people can easily find your group in Facebook search.

3. Post content daily.

Actually, more like three times a day.

I talk about this a lot in my post on starting your brand new Facebook group, because posting consistent and daily content is essential to your Facebook group strategy.

If you’re active in your group and you’re sharing interesting, funny, engaging, and helpful content, group members are going to start telling their friends about your group and adding people they know to your potential lead pool.

Here are a few content ideas to get you started:

  • Quotes
  • Tell a story
  • Humor/memes
  • Trending topics
  • How to posts

You can find even more content ideas in our free download, 30 Days of Facebook Group Content Ideas:

Use a platform like MeetEdgar to help you put your posting on autopilot and schedule your three daily posts ahead of time so that you’re not a slave to your Facebook group, always having to post content in real time.

4. Send Facebook ads to your group landing page.

Meta, right? Promoting something on Facebook, on Facebook? Who’da thunk?

But it works! You can use a super low $100-500 ad budget each month to target the exact people you’re looking for in your group and send them to your landing page.

In this scenario, it’s best to create a landing page on your website to lead visitors to where they can read more about your group, its description, and its rules before clicking back to Facebook to join it.

Seems a little bit counterintuitive, but it’s a great way to generate more website clicks, as well as get more visitors for your Facebook pixel to use in a retargeting campaign or to create a lookalike audience.

5. Promote your group in other groups.

In your Facebook group strategy, you want to be a part of a few different groups—but not too many. It’s important to be active and engaging in just 2-3 groups so that people start to recognize you and remember your name/face around the community.

This also gives you the opportunity to learn the language of the group, as well as its posting and self-promotion rules.

Some groups don’t allow you to do any kind of promotion in their groups, while others will allot a certain day or create a post for group members to promote their blog content, their services, or their Facebook groups.

If you’re in a group filled with the same kinds of people you want in your group, this is the perfect place to get it in front of their eyes. And if they recognize your name from posting valuable content around the community, they’re definitely going to want to join your group!

6. Cross-promote with other group admins.

Take a look around the groups you’re a member of to determine who the admins or owners are. Reach out to those other group owners to see if they’d be willing to cross-promote groups with you.

Essentially, see if they’d promote your group if you promote their group in return. This could be a shoutout within your own groups, or it could consist of promotion on other platforms and pages. You can work out with the group owner what you both agree makes sense and is most valuable.

But this can be a great way to build partnerships with influencers in your community and get your Facebook group in front of some new eyeballs.

7. Ask for referrals.

Pay attention to who your top group members are. Who do you see posting and commenting the most often? Make a list of those people.

After awhile, reach out to them individually to see if they’d be willing to refer your Facebook group to other people or business owners they know. Any friends, family, colleagues, etc., who could be interested in your group.

You could even offer a small incentive to your top group members for bringing in new members. After all, everyone loves a good freebie!

8. Run a contest.

Everyone loves a good contest, right? Entering to win, getting free stuff, the anticipation? These are some of the most engaging types of content you can create.

There are a few different ways you can do this to generate more group members.

First, you can hold a contest within your group. Ask people to refer friends to your Facebook group for an entry. You can temporarily add a question box for entry to your group that asks if someone referred the new member so they'll get the credit.

Then you can either choose winners from the entries, or have the person who referred the most new members win the contest!

You can also run a contest on your Facebook Page and have joining your group be their form of entry.

This is a surefire way to get people excited about your group and engaged in your content. Offering free cash, free consults or services, or free prizes gets your community amped up quickly and easily.

9. Tag influencers.

You want to get eyes on your Facebook group AND position yourself as a thought leader in your industry and your community?

Scope out the top influencers in your industry. Choose some of the most popular as well as ones that simply have a message you love or that resonates with you.

Then share their content within your group. Share links to their articles or podcast episodes. Lead discussions on something they said recently, whether you agreed or disagreed with it. Share posts from they're Facebook Pages within your group.

And then tag them in each post.

If you have a public group, the influencer will receive a notification that you shared their post. But most of us don't have public groups.

So what benefit does this have, then?

First of all, linking to known influencers helps to create trust in your brand. Your audience knows of these people. They have a position of authority within your industry. People trust what they have to say.

By aligning yourself with them, people then begin to trust what you have to say as well. When people trust what you have to say, they want to share it with their colleagues and other like-minded individuals.

Leading to new invited group members.

There's also the chance that someone will tell the influencer that you're talking about them and that influencer will want to join your group to see the discussion or to thank you for sharing their content.

10. Cross-promote on your other platforms.

Do you have a presence on other social media platforms?

Well if you don't, you should.

When you’re growing your business, you want to be on all the platforms that your audience is on. So if your audience likes to spend their time tweeting, you should too. And if your audience likes to pin, or likes to research ideas on Pinterest, you should be there too.

This way, you can use your presence on other platforms to also promote your Facebook group.

You should have a landing page on your website dedicated to explaining the rules around your Facebook group as well as the perks, benefits, and community aspect. Then, you should create graphics (or have your graphic designer create graphics) in optimal sizing for each platform.

For example, you especially want to create vertical graphics for Pinterest that highlight the benefits of your group in a visually appealing way, that is also eye catching to people searching for the things your Facebook group is about. If you have the budget, consider promoting your pins or tweets to get them in front of even more eyeballs.

11. Promote on your website/blog.

You can use your website for so many different lead generation tactics. And one of those promotions should be for your Facebook group!

There are at least six different areas on your home page alone that can be used for promotional purposes. Utilize at least one to link to your group. This can be a pop-up, a bar at the top of your site, a button link in your home page slider, or an opt-in on your sidebar or another spot on your site.

You should also be linking to your Facebook group within your blog posts. (Like I’m doing right here. 😉)

After all, your blog content is just another form of marketing. So you should absolutely be using it to market your products, your services, your community, your freebies, your email list, and every other facet of your business that can be used to generate sales and customers.

And then, of course, you need to be sure to post consistently in your group each day. You’re never going to grow a Facebook group if you don’t participate and create conversations within your own group.

Not sure what kinds of content to share?

Well this piece of actionable and totally free content just got even better. I’ve got a full 30 day schedule of content ideas for you right here:

You are welcomeeeee.

So go get started growing that brand new Facebook group! Now that you’ve got these 11 actionable tips (that I, myself, have used), you’ll be rolling in the numbers in no time.



These are the EXACT same steps I used to 10x businesses just like yours and generate new customers on autopilot!

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed, no messin' around!